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Why Blogging Is A Must For Your E-commerce Business

From a travel junkie to big companies to any E-commerce Business, everyone uses blogging. Blogging actually became popular in the1990’s however, it was a way of communicating your personal thoughts, feelings and inner beliefs, but since it showed tremendous growth, companies added it as one of its ways of embarking their online presence and why shouldn’t they because blogging does not only help in increasing profitability but is also a way of expanding to another platform.

While people may argue that having a highly content-based website is enough to attract people, but having a company’s blog will help them stand out from its competitors. A website needs to be crisp and to the point because a user doesn’t want to see nonsense on the website but in a blog, anything and everything written is appreciated. For example, lets say your company has launched a new product or a product with a slight variation, now it is obvious that you will update it on your website, but if a customer wants to know more about that particular product, will it be possible for you to write all the information on the website itself, of course not because it will look messy, and here is where blogging comes to picture. Blogging is the most effective way of reaching out to the customers with its on point content which will also engage customers in reading.

However, researchers say that 82% of companies don’t have a separate account for blogging because
they criticize blogging, but here we are with points that will convince you that blogging is not bad after
all, because let’s be honest it feels really good to read something fresh and unique ideas

1. A company does SEO in order to increase its audience, blogging can give a boost to the SEO and
help you achieve your goal.

2. It also helps in connecting with the people as a brand, because the more blogs people read, the
more they would want to read.

3. It doesn’t matter if you are a small scale or a large-scale business, blogging will always help in one
of the ways

4. Through this platform you can share many stories, it provides an opportunity for spreading

5. Well written content will position your brand as an industry leader.

6. Of course, it will increase much better traffic to you.

7. It will not only attract potential customers, it can also attract people like general bloggers, giving

you and them as an opportunity to connect, by developing a community

8. It also gives person to person value

9. Builds trust

10. Educates your customers about other things

11. It can also increase business leads.

Saying all these things, however, one thing should be kept in mind

“Content Doesn’t Win. Optimized Content Wins” – Li Evans

Author : Ridhi Verma 


Although I am still pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Finance, I have a keen interest towards writing. Apart from this I love travelling, working in NGO’s and I have an unmatchable love for animals.

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