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How to Create E-commerce website design that Visitors will Love

E-commerce Websites are the virtual stores which can be designed and customized according to need. Despite this, various sites are having a high bounce rate, or the number of customers leaving the website while staying a lesser time should ring a bell. It is not possible to stop customers who left because they wrongly clicked on it or the required product is not provided. But, the ones who left due to unattractive design can be kept back with small minor changes.

The steps are:-

  1. Attractive E-commerce website design to pull visitors

The website design must be neat and uncluttered. It is better to get customized web pages for a long run but one can start with normal, sleek pages. The design should aesthetically appeal to the audience, as first impressions can turn the viewer into a possible buyer. E-commerce Websites dealing with women’s products have a shade of pink, children’s ones should have cartoon images and bright colors. The web page must be cheerful and try to avoid any confusion.


  1. Brand personality to be highlighted

It is important to portray the highlights of the brand, they make it interesting for viewers and take a look at the website. The minimalistic design should not sport a dull look, but the message of the USP of the brand can be done using font, colors, and texts used.

  1. Empathize

The website can be designed as being the one-stop solution for a particular problem. It is better to start how problems which marred people’s lives have been eliminated due to the usage of the brand’s product. This makes everybody a part of the brand itself driving up sales. Focus the headlines, subtitles, and images to portray how the product solves the problems.


  1. Relevant and interesting content

It is better to generate relevant content for which a particular customer has visited, the content must resource-related and genuine. Separate arrangements can be made to supply the visitors with information in the form of blogs, newsletters, magazines, etc. If required, one can take the help of dedicated and expert content developers for building great, plagiarism free content.


  1. Structure the text

Earlier highlighted the presence of relevant content and an attractive e-commerce website design. The content is to be structured into small bite-sized items incorporating images, snippets, and video samples. This makes the design more appealing and comfortable for the user to search the information needed. The text should not be boring, having large sets of paragraphs, which is a sure deterrent for visitors.

  1. Ensure easy navigation

An attractive website allows users to browse freely and quick location of information with just a few clicks. The navigation must be quick and smooth with the user not having to wait a long time. The payment page, checkout page, blog, news and contact information is to be promptly displayed on separate tabs for easy identification.

  1. Increase website load speed

The website speed should be increased, with the abolishment of Flash and other plug-ins that make a website slow. People need faster loading websites, so if not properly optimized, people will turn towards other alternatives.


  1. Be responsive

The E-commerce website design must be responsive. With shopping on the go on a rise, it is better to provide the customer with the same experience on desktops or handheld devices. It is advisable to include finger-friendly navigation and easily readable fonts.


  1. Credibility

Have built an attractive website, yet it is better to build trust between the store and buyers. For this, the customer reviews, social media pages can be prominently displayed on Google or other advertising platforms, increasing the credibility. People will feel more inclined towards buying from a trusted website than others.


  1. Have online presence

In this advanced world, it is nearly impossible to find people who have not used social media once in a lifetime. With greater Internet coverage, the social media is a handy tool for sharing of required information. The brand presence can be increased through social media channels. People will love to share their experience after buying from the store, which means increased coverage without any required promotion.


  1. Redesign when required

It is proper for a reshuffle in the design after a few years, say maybe 5 years. After all, who doesn’t like to have a sense of change? The monotonous design is sure to bring dullness, leading to loss of customers. The change can include the current trends and preferences. Again, the change must not be too frequent, that can cause frequent buyers get accustomed to the platform a bit difficult.


  1. Professional logo required

The logo is to be made professional as all prominent brands can easily be identified by way of logos. Having a professional logo means the website is there for business, and the logo can be designed in accordance with the brand’s vision.


  1. Personalize the experience

The website can be made more interesting to viewers by the provision of incentives like coupons, gifts, etc. Subscription to newsletters can be granted on signup of email service. The website can also include suggestions based on past browsing history and preferences.


  1. Make them come for more

The ultimate objective is to increase the sales and upkeep of customer’s satisfaction. Organising new contests, freebies, and regular outreach to users can increase the bounce rate to make keep them coming back for more.

Conclusion- By the implementation of the above-mentioned techniques, the bounce rate can be reduced meaning, the customers are remaining longer in the store.


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Jishnu Mitra is a dedicated developer of plagiarism free content with over 2 years experience and working towards a better India.

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