SMBs are increasingly creating apps in-house

There’s nothing that quite solidifies a small business’ branding than having its own app. Hundreds of small businesses, from coffee shops to clothing boutiques to pubs, are seeing the appeal of having their own in-house app to build customer loyalty. In-house apps are convenient, handy, a great marketing tool, and take virtually nothing to make. Here’s why SMBs are increasingly creating apps in-house. 

1. It’s not hard

There’s no need to learn coding to produce a high-quality in-house app for your small business. There are now a number of websites that allow you to create your own entire app using simple drag and drop functions, not a single line of coding required. The process in itself can take a matter of hours, and once you’re happy with your finished product, you can make it live almost immediately. 

2. They improve relationships with customers

When a small business creates the likes of a virtual punch card app, they give their customers a much simpler, more convenient way to benefit from rewards and deals for their loyalty. Rather than having to dig into their pockets to find a tiny slip of paper, a customer can simply take out their app and have their purchase “punched off” by a staff member – a much simpler solution. 

3. They save time

Some small businesses in particular can really benefit from in-house apps for saving both the employees and the customers valuable time. Cafes or restaurants that offer a takeaway service, for example, would be able to simplify their service by offering customers the option to book and pay for their food delivery via their app. On a similar level, pubs, bars and restaurants with in-house service could use an app to allow customers to order and pay from their seats, without needing to pay at the register. 

4. They communicate with customers

Having an in-house app is one of the simplest ways to communicate with your small business’ customers. You can simply set your app notifications to inform customers of all the latest news, events and product changes your business has to share. If your customers don’t want to receive push notifications, they can opt out, but it’s likely that if you offer the right sorts of incentives, your notifications will motivate customers to return to your store. 

5. They’re secure and safe to use

When you create your own in-house app, you’ll be able to make it as tailored and personal as you like. This also means implementing certain security features to enable your customers to feel like they’re safe to use your app and won’t be the victims of a data breach. You can also protect your business by setting pass codes to avoid fraudulent use and setting daily stamp limits for each card.

6. They’re paper saving

Many small businesses have taken it into their hands to do their bit for the environment. Whether that’s by switching plastic for paper, limiting use of throwaway cutlery and utensils, or recycling broken or returned products, every small effort helps. Another simple way to do your bit is to switch paper and cardboard loyalty cards for an in-app loyalty programme.

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