How to Convert Customers When They Land on a Sold-Out Product Page?

The advertising, creativity and the tussle to maintain the quality of a product, will all be for nothing if the prospective buyer ends up on a competitor’s page for the same. No doubt a sold out product depicts a success story, but for a customer having made up his mind to buy it and end up with a blurred image of the product he was inclined to buy with a sold-out stamp, it’s demotivating.
While the sold-out situation cannot be taken care of as the wheels of demand and supply cannot always be predicted with accuracy, the predicament arising after the same can be managed. It’s important to retain every customer, as they represent the atoms of the largely structured customer base. The following methods can be equipped to hold the customer attention from wandering anywhere else.

Updating customer on availability

The customer should be given an option of getting updated on the product when it is restocked through an email or dropping a text message or any other way the customer deems fit. In this way, he can be updated and purchase the desired product and the business will be able to reserve a future sale.

Showing similar products

Although the desired product is unavailable, a similar product with matching characteristics also presents a lucrative opportunity. The product can be made more attractive by stating the reason for unavailability as ‘Since, it’s a product in high demand, we are sorry to inform you that all the units have been sold’. When the customer lands on the unavailable product an option of ‘similar products’ can help him to reconsider his choice and if the need is immediate, he can buy something from the option rather than waiting for the restocking.

Pre-order option

Pre-order is taking e-commerce’s tech-savvy feature in accordance for a reserved sale. Updating customer on availability does solve the problem of him losing the sale on its availability but it does not confirm the sale. Pre-order option, on the other hand, ensures sale as the customer pays for the product beforehand and on availability, the order is delivered. The business should be well equipped with technology and ready to handle the costs related to it. But this is a sure way of securing a future sale.
Newly launched products with intensive marketing, are often sold out quickly. Maintaining a consistent supply without a prolonged gap between restocking gives the platform an edge over the others.

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Shiwangini Singh

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