Stop Spamming. Email Marketing Hacks

Stop Spamming! Do Email Marketing The Right Way

  Last night around 1 AM, my mobile beeped. I received an offer email from quite a well-known brand about a mega sale that was running on their platform. Yes, 1  AM at night. Obviously I did not avail that offer for a simple grudge that it ruined my sleep. …

How To Use Smartphones To Click Amazing Product Images

How To Use Your Smartphone For Amazing Product Photography

“First impression is the last impression” -Everyone knows   What if I show you images of two dresses? One blurred, dull and unappealing and the other bright, clear, showing details. Which one are you more likely to choose? The one that looks better? It is scientifically proven that the sense …

VAT, CST & Service Taxation

[Infograph]Everything that you need to know about VAT, CST and Service Taxation

  Once you have started selling online, you come across various terms in relation to taxation like VAT, CST and Service Tax. The main concern is not being from a commerce background, the biggest headache becomes understanding what they mean, how they are charged and what are the exemptions in …


[Infograph] :- Frequently Asked Questions

So welcome everyone. Perhaps you are also hit by the stir has created. We understand that this is a very new concept for people to understand, so we came up with this infograph that solves most of the queries related to this concept. Let the spirit of “DariyaDilli” spread …

Why to Give A Gift To

Why Should you Give a Gift at Dariya Dil Dukaan?

Many of you sitting there would be wondering why should you be gifting something to the campaign? Hmm.. A valid query in all sense of fairness. But then has there even been a query that we left unanswered? We sat down and came up with these reasons that will catch …

SEO Copywriting : Attract Spiders now!

You don't have to be an insect to attract spiders- SEO Copywriting Commandments

Managing the content of your website in such a manner that it is “Search Engine Optimized” is the best way to gain traction. Did not get what I said? Let us break it down for you. We all know that people all around the world use various search engines like …

Is your website scaring your customers away

10 Reasons Why Your Website Is Scaring Customers Away

Does this check list makes sense to you? Created a website. Investing in Google adwords. Promoting my products at every available option. Content marketing via blogs. Done all the above yet sales is still not satisfactory? Ever wondered if your website is scaring your customers away? In the former days …

Why your Facebook page reach is dying and how to revive it

Why your Facebook page reach is dying and how to revive it?

Of late have you observed that your Facebook page reach is declining drastically? Your followers complain that they don’t get to see your posts in their feed? You are posting a lot of content, buying Facebook ads and promoting content yet nothing seems to work? Welcome to the advanced world …

Store of the Season: Cupcakes and Closet

Store Of The Season- Cupcakes And Closet

The biggest dilemma that every online seller faces is how to increase their sales. Every entrepreneur has their own ways of bringing in more sales. For some it worked brilliantly and some are still struggling to crack this nut. To find out what was different that these entrepreneurs were doing …

Things To Know Before You Start Selling Online

Things You Need to Know Before You Start Selling Online

  Planning to take your brand online? Do not know how you are supposed to do it? Confused as to what hosting, domain name, payment gateway, etc mean? Do these terms scare or confuse you? Tired of long hours on Wikipedia and Google trying to make sense of what all …