imithila success story

iMithila – The Brand That's Creating Madhubani Art Masterpieces

Since ages, we have been using art as an expression of our thoughts, desires and ideas. Looking at a visual form of art triggers the emotional and cognitive areas of our brain which taps its pleasure and reward system. That is probably why i was fascinated by iMithila’s Madhubani painting …


How Cosmosgalaxy Is Making Exclusive Home Decor More Affordable

It started with a brainstorming session around ‘How to decorate our home with the most quirky home decor’.  What the brother-sister duo Varun and Vibhuti found was that the customers have limited options and also the regional artistic items were not readily available. The solution was launched in the form …

leatherlove tribal worker painting

How One Brand Is Leading A Modern Day Art Renaissance

India is home to several ancient art forms that mark their genesis several hundred years ago. Our culture is represented masterfully by the unique, glorious art forms that are littered across our nation’s landscape. Sadly, a lot of them are being forgotten with time as artists move on to greener pastures in …


Your Monthly Fix Of E-Commerce News | January 2017

As 2016 prepared to bid us goodbye, India overtook the USA in terms of internet users. At 227 million people, India’s internet user base is now the second largest in the world after China. Now THAT is E-Commerce news worthy.  The E-Commerce industry is on a rapid growth trajectory if …


From Exploding Machines to Gorgeous Prints – The Printrove Story

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel. Great words that Mr. Madhur Chauhan probably took to heart when he decided to start Printrove. We are always looking to understand our clients and their businesses closely so that we can serve them better. Which is why, we decided to …


Zepo Couriers and Shipyaari (AVN) Logistics Rates Compared

Zepo Couriers takes pride in being known as a premium courier aggregator service. We provide competitive shipping rates and loads of value added features, making us one of the smartest shipping solutions in the country. Here, we do a detailed comparison of the rates for shipping through Zepo Couriers and Shipyaari …