Flea Markets and Events in July

Showcase Your Products at Various Flea Markets and Exhibitions Happening across India in July 2014

It is the month of July and the monsoon is here! Big relief from the scorching heat, phew! Your favourite customers want to get out and sip a cup of chai whilst shopping. We bring you the list of events happening in July. So, don’t let the rains pour down …

Sell Internationally through Paypal

Sell International : Paypal the free International Payment Gateway

So, you are done setting up your online store. You want to go international, sell across the globe, to the far reaches of the Earth. But, how will your international customers buy your awesome products without an International Payment gateway? Well, folks, have you heard about Paypal? The internationally renowned …

Chargeback Fraud

Payment Gateway Queries: How to Prevent Fraudulent Chargebacks on your Online Store

Ever tried to recharge your mobile number online and the amount never got credited? Weren’t you worried that you might never get the money back? Now that you are an entrepreneur with an online store you must surely be worried about fraudulent transactions, charge backs and crimes that could possibly …

ECommerce DropShippers

Drop Shipping Simplified: How to find Drop Shippers in India?

Thinking about starting an online business, but unsure of where to source your products from? Wondering where to find suppliers selling at wholesale prices? If yes, dropshipping may be the answer you’re looking for. But what exactly is dropshipping? It is a business model where you, the store owner, do …


Looking to Keep that Artist Inside you Nurtured? Intoducing Rainbowcraftykari by Maninder

” All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ” – Pablo Picasso.  When you want to mix creativity with Ecommerce, setting up an online store selling craft supplements becomes a fine piece of art! And, that is exactly what Maninder and her …

Socratees - Awesome Tees!

Exploring Socratees and the People Behind It!

Fashion is forever. With styles changing every season, Socratees, an online premium T shirt store joins the list of incredible places to shop online and it is here to stay. Mixing bohemian style with contemporary entertainment shows, Socratees creates unique designs that are a must have for fashion lovers. We …

Shipping Forms in India

Everything You Need To Know About Interstate Shipping

Unable to ship your products on time to your customers? Are your shipments returning to you after getting stuck at Inter-State Checkpoints? Having difficulty in understanding the rules and finding the interstate shipping forms? If these are the kind of questions that are troubling you with interstate shipping, then we have …

Zepo Storiez Shubhpuja.com

Saumya of ShubhPuja Makes it Easier to Fulfil your Religious Quest

Age old traditions are meant to be preserved. They define our continuing culture and give us the identity that we are so proud of. But, in modern times, where life takes us to far off places, keeping in touch with your roots can be a daunting task. Understanding the hassles …

Zepo Storiez GMSGadget.com

Exploring GMSGadget and The People Behind It!

This century marks the era of the electronics boom all over the world, as the demand for electronic products is ever rising through each quarter. Entrepreneurs in the field of electronics face tough competition with each other and not everybody is made for the game. In the Ecommerce industry, with …


Sell International! How to obtain an Import Export Code (IEC)

You might remember the blog post we wrote on FedEx International Shipping. In that, we had mentioned that the prerequisites for selling internationally includes an IE Code.  Now, to those of you who don’t know what an IEC is and how to obtain it, we give you a brief lesson …