The Zepo Flea Market Comes to Mumbai :: 4th May at Juhu! Will you be there?

The summers are here and it is time to pull out the shades and flip flops once again. But do not worry, because we just came up with a way to make this summer totally worth it! eCommerce in India has grown big, and it is no longer confined to …

ZePOST International Logistics Support

ZePOST International Logistics Support :: eCommerce Businesses, Sell Globally

Planning to take your brand international? We have tied-up with AVN to extend not only domestic, but also international courier services at special rates. Why ZePOST Logistics Service? Lowest rates, without any minimum commitments Wider pincode coverage, for delivery as well as pick-up

ZePOST Domestic Delivery Support

ZEPOST Logistics Support :: Extensive Pincode Coverage and Lowest Logistics Rates for eCommerce Businesses

Updated on 22nd July 2015 A strong logistics support is the backbone to an e-commerce business. That’s why every single eCommerce business around the world puts so much emphasis on logistics, from launching one-day delivery models to prophesizing drones delivering products to having their own fleet of delivery chain. Well …

Ecommerce Checkout

Consumer Psychology and the E-Commerce Checkout

The Indian e-commerce sector is experiencing monumental growth, with customers turning more and more towards shopping online. In light of this trend, it becomes valuable to the e-commerce vendor to consider the motivations and behaviours underpinning the consumer’s checkout experience. As this infographic produced by vouchercloud shows, a number of …


Zepo Couriers and ShipRocket Logistics Rates Compared

Zepo Couriers recently underwent a massive overhaul to incorporate a host of features, making it one of the smartest shipping solutions in the country. We offer some of the most competitive shipping rates in the market right now. There have been many comparisons of our rates with Shiprocket’s in the …

Zepo vs Kartrocket

Zepo VS. KartRocket: Comparing eCommerce Platforms in India

Looking to open an online store, are you? There are alot many ecommerce platforms in India, to spoil you for choice. But when it boils down to choosing an e-commerce platform for your online store, it all becomes a matter of features and support provided by each platform and at …


KartRocket ShipRocket Shipping Costs

Update: Click here for a detailed comparison of the shipping rates of Kartrocket’s Shiprocket and Zepo’s AVN Logistics. KartRocket recently launched their new e-commerce logistic tool called ShipRocket. And there have been a lot of comparisons with regards to the shipping costs, between Zepo and KartRocket. So, we thought we’d …


New Order Module Version 2.0

In this new Order module we are coming up with new features so that you can better manage your orders. 1) Sorting by Date : You can now sort all the orders according to Latest first or oldest first. 2) Filtering of orders: You can now filter your orders by …

Online Sellers and Marketplaces

Marketplaces vs. Online Sellers: A Story of Broken Promises

E-commerce marketplaces are to online sellers what shopping complexes are to retailers. Marketplaces have not only levelled the ecommerce playing field for SMBs but also provided so much more visibility to these niche brands that are taking the online shopping industry by storm. So naturally, when an online marketplace, let’s …


Zepo-AVN Logistics Tie-Up

Update: Click here to see the detailed rates of Zepo’s AVN Logistics Tie Up. Logistics is a very integral part of an e-commerce business. And we don’t want to screw up your customer deliveries. Like they say, “One happy customer tells 2-3. One unhappy customer tells 10.” In our endeavor …