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Top 100 Concept Retail Stores in India: Stock up at them or Shop at Them

The last time we spoke of the Top 100 Quirky Start-ups in India. Now is the time to show love to the Top 100 Concept Retail Stores in India. These are the stores that have given the plethora of Indian designers and entrepreneurs a much needed platform to showcase their …


Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking and Other Metrics that Matter for your Online Store

Google Analytics is an amazing and a must have tool for any website. And for an online store owner the most important and resourceful tool of Google Analytics is the ecommerce tracking. Let us see how ecommerce tracking along with Google Analytics helps you streamline your online business. Why Google …


Increase Online Sales with Third Party Affiliate Marketing Tools

Initially, spreading the word about your brand and it’s products on your own is easy and manageable. There are plenty of channels; social media, email newsletters, etc. But after a while once your brand starts to grow, you need others to start talking about you. At this point, your customers …


A Good Product Description : Why is it Critical for your Online Store!

Hello! We blame the lovely Mumbai rains for not updating our blog in a while; it makes us stare out of the window instead of staring into our ‘windows’. 😛  But now, we are back with something new. Something which is obvious but most often ignored-  we are talking about …

Importance of Discount Coupons in eCommerce

Five Reasons why Coupons are Good for your Online Business

Don’t we all drool over those little cards called coupons? Yes everyone loves coupons and for a seller, coupons achieve multiple goals – They help acquire new customers, retain existing customers, increase return customers and much more. Coupons can be distributed online or you can also have the Vouchers and …


How do I Integrate Delhivery on my Zepo powered Online Store?

To integrate Delhivery for your online stores follow the steps below: 1.  Email to (escalate to asking for Registration for Delhivery.Also, mention that you are a Zepo Customer. 2. Delhivery would provide you with a contract document, which you will need to fill and submit. 3. Once your contract is accepted, you will …

Link Building SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO to increase Online Store traffic

Along with your Search Engine optimized store, there are more ways to attract the online crowd to your store. So next up in the series of internet marketing gyaan, we bring to you, Off page SEO. For all those wondering, What in the name of god is Off page SEO? …

Quirky Brands

Top 100 Quirky Brands in India : The Brands to Look Out For

Call them Quirky. Call them Unconventional. Call them Off-Beat. Call them Funky. Call them whatever you want, but you just love shopping at them. Who are we talking about? The Top 100 Quirky Brands in India. The brands, India absolutely loves. Shun away the biggies. These are the brands to …


How-to Bulk Upload Products to your Zepo powered Online store

Do you have loads of products to upload on your online store? Wish there was a simpler way to upload all those products at one go? Problem solved! We have a bulk upload option to save you from the pain of uploading one product at a time. So here is …


Zepo is up and running!

Apologies to all Zepo store owners and their customers for the inconvenience caused today morning. We understand that Zepo was intermittently inaccessible between 11.05 am to 02:30 pm IST today i.e. 27th April, 2013.  Why did it happen? The reason for today morning’s disruption was because Rackspace Dallas Cloud Servers (Dallas …