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How One Entrepreneur is Making Fashion Affordable – The Story Behind The Clothing Rental

Let me hazard a guess here. You are probably at work sitting behind your desk, secretly nurturing dreams of one day having your own business. The entrepreneurship force is strong in you, but you are probably afraid to take the path less trod upon. If that is indeed true, this …

Zepo Customer Success meetup

In Conversation With Mumbai’s Ecommerce Champions | Zepo Customer Success Meetup

The “Zepo Customer Success Meetup” was held on the 21st of May 2016. We were graciously met with a strong response from our clients. 22 of our customers came out to honor the cause by generously giving us their valuable time for a conversation over coffee. The Zepo Customer Success event …

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How One Entrepreneur is Applying The Bhutanese Principles of Happiness in Business and Creating Livelihoods

gyal-yong ga’a-kyid pal-‘dzoms A term coined in 1972 by Bhutan’s fourth Dragon King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck .The phrase was coined as a signal of commitment to building an economy that would work on increasing the country’s Gross National Happiness(GNH) instead of the western material development that was represented by gross …

Pen world  product images – Changing the Way India Writes – One Signature at a Time

If you have an idea, start there. If it doesn’t work out, it’s worth the experience. – Aditya Bhansali, Founder, Let, us introduce you to Aditya, a regular 3rd year mechanical engineering student with an unusual story. While most students are complaining about the cruel curriculum of their engineering …


OTimber : Cases That “Wood” Take Your Mobile by Storm!

Sometimes, it only takes 25 minutes of a lukewarm shower and a nice cup of coffee after that, to think something out of box that would have the potential to create a huge impact. But not even a million dollars can buy you, what it takes to go ahead, protect …

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In Conversation with Vidya from Matkatus : Taking Quality Indian Weaves Global

Was it the feel of those pure cotton and silk sarees worn by her mother, or her walks down the numerous aisles of handicraft exhibitions in Chennai- Vidya does not know. But her affinity to traditional Indian clothes had its seeds sown in her a long time ago. Despite working …

Sreelatha and Gunjan at an Independence Day fair in Indore

DesiOrigins-Creating Organic Livelihoods Through the E-commerce Way

Our country is witnessing a silent revolution in the villages and taluks, in the tribal lands and the hinterlands. Individuals with a world of opportunities at their disposal are deciding to rise up and make a difference in the lives of the marginalized sections of the society. A business model which is often referred …


Fashion Blogger to Fashion Store Entrepreneur – Aanam Chashmawala of

A quote by the great inventor Thomas Edison struck us when we came to know the story of the cheerfully  jovial – Miss Aanam Chashmawala.                         “Success comes to those, who HUSTLE while they wait.” A fashion blogger and the brain behind, Aanam put in a good two and a …

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LilBluVan drivers Reilly and Melissande take Quirky Products to Every Internet Friendly Gadget

Can you imagine a world without constant innovation? If everyone followed the same boring pattern, how monotonous would our lives get? Reilly and Melissande, the couple who created Lil Blu Van decided to add some quirk into everyday things to make them exciting. From household items to apparel and accessories, …


The Scope of Unique Gift Items should Never be Limited- A Rendevous with Prasanjit of

Don’t you feel that a good idea and good products should never have limited scope? That customers, should not be denied access to them? Exactly the thought Prasanjit had when he created Starting from a well-known gift shop in Jamshedpur, he decided to take a plunge into online selling. …