How 'Suta' is taking Indian artisans to the rest of the world

Within the Branded Indian Apparel industry, Suta operates in a very small niche of contemporary ethnic wear for women using handwoven fabrics. The key contribution of our industry to the economy is taking Indian fabrics and craftsmanship to the world by providing a platform for highly skillful artisans in rural …

imithila success story

iMithila – The Brand That's Creating Madhubani Art Masterpieces

Since ages, we have been using art as an expression of our thoughts, desires and ideas. Looking at a visual form of art triggers the emotional and cognitive areas of our brain which taps its pleasure and reward system. That is probably why i was fascinated by iMithila’s Madhubani painting …

zepo women entrepreneurs

Celebrating the Spirit of Zepo's Women Entrepreneurs

Time and again, we come across stories infiltrating our news feeds reciting incidents about business magnates and how they went from being ‘zeroes to heroes’. Every successful entrepreneur has his own inspiring story to share, but women entrepreneurs usually have a more colorful tale to tell.  Decades ago, it was impossible …


How Cosmosgalaxy Is Making Exclusive Home Decor More Affordable

It started with a brainstorming session around ‘How to decorate our home with the most quirky home decor’.  What the brother-sister duo Varun and Vibhuti found was that the customers have limited options and also the regional artistic items were not readily available. The solution was launched in the form …

leatherlove tribal worker painting

How One Brand Is Leading A Modern Day Art Renaissance

India is home to several ancient art forms that mark their genesis several hundred years ago. Our culture is represented masterfully by the unique, glorious art forms that are littered across our nation’s landscape. Sadly, a lot of them are being forgotten with time as artists move on to greener pastures in …


From Exploding Machines to Gorgeous Prints – The Printrove Story

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel. Great words that Mr. Madhur Chauhan probably took to heart when he decided to start Printrove. We are always looking to understand our clients and their businesses closely so that we can serve them better. Which is why, we decided to …

shilpa bhatia clothing rental 2016 bandra store

How One Entrepreneur is Making Fashion Affordable – The Story Behind The Clothing Rental

Let me hazard a guess here. You are probably at work sitting behind your desk, secretly nurturing dreams of one day having your own business. The entrepreneurship force is strong in you, but you are probably afraid to take the path less trod upon. If that is indeed true, this …

ecommerce handicraft

How One Entrepreneur is Applying The Bhutanese Principles of Happiness in Business and Creating Livelihoods

gyal-yong ga’a-kyid pal-‘dzoms A term coined in 1972 by Bhutan’s fourth Dragon King, Jigme Singye Wangchuck .The phrase was coined as a signal of commitment to building an economy that would work on increasing the country’s Gross National Happiness(GNH) instead of the western material development that was represented by gross …

READ MORE → – Changing the Way India Writes – One Signature at a Time

If you have an idea, start there. If it doesn’t work out, it’s worth the experience. – Aditya Bhansali, Founder, Let, us introduce you to Aditya, a regular 3rd year mechanical engineering student with an unusual story. While most students are complaining about the cruel curriculum of their engineering …


OTimber : Cases That "Wood" Take Your Mobile by Storm!

Sometimes, it only takes 25 minutes of a lukewarm shower and a nice cup of coffee after that, to think something out of box that would have the potential to create a huge impact. But not even a million dollars can buy you, what it takes to go ahead, protect …