Looking to Keep that Artist Inside you Nurtured? Intoducing Rainbowcraftykari by Maninder

” All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ” – Pablo Picasso.  When you want to mix creativity with Ecommerce, setting up an online store selling craft supplements becomes a fine piece of art! And, that is exactly what Maninder and her …

Socratees - Awesome Tees!

Exploring Socratees and the People Behind It!

Fashion is forever. With styles changing every season, Socratees, an online premium T shirt store joins the list of incredible places to shop online and it is here to stay. Mixing bohemian style with contemporary entertainment shows, Socratees creates unique designs that are a must have for fashion lovers. We …

Zepo Storiez Shubhpuja.com

Saumya of ShubhPuja Makes it Easier to Fulfil your Religious Quest

Age old traditions are meant to be preserved. They define our continuing culture and give us the identity that we are so proud of. But, in modern times, where life takes us to far off places, keeping in touch with your roots can be a daunting task. Understanding the hassles …

Zepo Storiez GMSGadget.com

Exploring GMSGadget and The People Behind It!

This century marks the era of the electronics boom all over the world, as the demand for electronic products is ever rising through each quarter. Entrepreneurs in the field of electronics face tough competition with each other and not everybody is made for the game. In the Ecommerce industry, with …


Tea Entrepreneurs Saurabh and Prerna take their passion for Tea Online with Tea Amo

A tea entrepreneur is a rather alien concept in a country obsessed with its chai. And two under the same roof is even stranger. But hang on. Let us introduce you to a sweet couple, Saurabh and Prerana Gupta, who have taken it upon themselves to introduce healthy teas into …


Interview: Nalin Goel and eSparSha on Redefining the Customized Merchandise Space

Like all popular entrepreneurial journeys, this one started trying to solve the very problem they were facing – a dearth of good quality customized t-shirts available at affordable prices. When this group of 3 college students went merchandise hunting for their college festival, they returned dejected. And out of that …


High Street Fashion at the Click of a Button : In Conversation with Priyanka Sahani of Magnetic Designs

For a country obsessed with price, we are pretty sure “affordable fashion” must have had its roots in India. And Priyanka Sahani is doing her bit to make fashion accessible to the Indian bourgeoisie.  Priyanka Sahani is the face behind Magnetic Designs. A designer by profession she started out with …


Dhruva Patel: NIFT Graduate Designing Stunning Handbags since Age 12!

She designed her first bag at the tiny age of 12, with felts and beads! And I guess, it’s safe to say she hasn’t stopped ever since. An NIFT, Chennai graduate, Dhruva Patel always had a passion for designing products. And she soon found her forte designing bright-colored arm candies …


What’s brewing at Yes, Yes Why Not?’s Bizarre Bazaar – ‘Bizaar’

Unconventional. Out-of-the-box. Unusual. Nah! These words are too clichéd to define this ‘quaint communication design madhouse.’ Introducing Yes Yes, Why Not? (YYWN), the off-the-beaten-track creative communication and design agency based out of Mumbai. They have been sailing through the advertisement industry for around 9 years now. And their clientele alone can …


Ritika & Ranjana Shraff are showing the world how to stay & look Foppish

A mother and her daughters are always at loggerheads with each other! But here is a trio, a mother and her 2 daughters who are creating quite the hype with their affordable fashion jewellery! Yes girls, you didn’t hear me wrong. I did say affordable fashion jewellery. Check out Foppish Mart, the …