Tricks to Boost Productivity And Get Orders Out on Time

According to a recent survey around 62% of shoppers prefer buying their things online. It is more convenient for them to browse a website than taking out time from their busy schedule to visit stores. Receiving your selected favourite items on the doorstep is loved by all, but this also …


Zepo Couriers vs. ShipRocket: Price & Feature Comparison 2018

Zepo Couriers recently underwent a massive pricing overhaul, making it one of the affordable and smartest shipping solutions in the country. We offer some of the most competitive shipping rates in the market right now. There have been many comparisons of our rates with Shiprocket’s in the past. Here, we present …

fake delivery attempt ecommerce logistics

The Hidden Logistics Scam That Is Making You Bleed Cash

There is something dark about Indian E-commerce logistics that nobody is talking about. Big numbers acknowledge the industry’s prolific growth, but certain issues continue to plague E-Commerce sellers and Logistics companies. This post will throw light on 1 such element, the reclusive and little known “Fake Delivery Attempt”. As we …

entry tax forms

Entry Tax Challan Forms in India: A State-wise List

Imposed by the State Government of India, Entry Tax is levied on goods that are being transported from one state to another. To ease your understanding, Entry Tax might be levied on goods that have entered an area other than their place of origin, or their manufacturing location. If a …


Introducing Zepo Couriers – The Smartest Digital Shipping Solution

The word courier is derived from the latin word currere, which means to run. It was the fastest mode of transport realistically back in the age of kings. Expedited logistics posed a big challenge because automated modes of transport did not exist back then. The solution? Human runners, homing pigeons …

Zepo Logstics Customer - Handmade Hope

Zepo Couriers Review | Rushabh Gandhi – Handmade Hope

1. How has Zepo Logistics helped your business? We were initially using the local shipping service as we had just started out and thought that it would help us cut our costs. However, we were wrong. The amount of time consumed in tracking the deliveries and the mental-stress of continuously communicating the same to …


Zepo Couriers Testimonial | Nidhi Bahl – GetJunk’d

1. How has Zepo Logistics helped your business? Zepo Logistics is the most optimized logistics solutions that we have used till date. From the variety of logistics partners, excellent technical support, the one click pick-up schedule feature to the easy billing and remittance process, they have the complete package.   …


Zepo Couriers – Restricted Items Lists

The following items are restricted for shipping : Dangerous Products 1. Oil-based paint and thinners (flammable liquids) 2. Industrial solvents 3.  Insecticides, garden chemicals (fertilizers, poisons) 4. Lithium batteries 5. Magnetized materials 6.  Machinery (chain saws, outboard engines containing fuel or that have contained fuel) 7. Fuel for camp stoves, …


Zepo Couriers – Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions This document summarizes the terms and conditions of using Zepo Couriers as mentioned in the Legal agreement. You are required to read, understand and then agree to these terms. I understand that sending of prohibited items like Hazardous or Flammable Substances, Arms & Ammunitions, etc. is not …

ZePOST International Logistics Support

ZePOST International Logistics Support :: eCommerce Businesses, Sell Globally

Planning to take your brand international? We have tied-up with AVN to extend not only domestic, but also international courier services at special rates. Why ZePOST Logistics Service? Lowest rates, without any minimum commitments Wider pincode coverage, for delivery as well as pick-up