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The Curious Case of Popups in E-Commerce Websites

Popups are a bit of mixed bag in terms of reactions. Some swear by it, while some find it to be plain annoying. Online shoppers in 2017 are now increasingly used to first being shown a popup before being able to browse the content that e-commerce sites have to offer. New …

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Top 30 Quirky Online Brands To Watch Out For In 2017!

We Indians love to shop online. From fruits to fashion, we have shown the willingness to purchase almost everything off the internet for the love of convenience. An IAMAI study recently pegged the Indian E-Commerce industry at a value of Rs. 2,11,005 crores in 2016, which nearly doubled from 2015. India’s …

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The Ultimate Event Calendar of 2017 | Flea Markets & Exhibitions

In a city like Mumbai, most people live for the Weekends. Saturdays & Sundays are considered sacred for every working individual seeking respite from a hectic work schedule. Social events are one such way to blow off some steam, meet new people and enjoy a new, experience. The same concept …

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How To Pack Furniture & Home Decor for E-Commerce Shipping

Every time i see a courier guy at my doorstep clutching a parcel, it ignites a sense of excitement. Admit it, the feeling of unwrapping something new is euphoric. A quick role-reversal on the other hand reveals a different picture. From the perspective of an E-Commerce seller, things are quite …


Zepo Couriers and Shipyaari (AVN) Logistics Rates Compared

Zepo Couriers takes pride in being known as a premium courier aggregator service. We provide competitive shipping rates and loads of value added features, making us one of the smartest shipping solutions in the country. Here, we do a detailed comparison of the rates for shipping through Zepo Couriers and Shipyaari …

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How to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate with Influencers

Is your online store falling behind on your sales goals? Are you running out of ideas to boost your ecommerce conversion rate? Maybe it’s time you give influencer marketing a try. Influencer marketing, as the name suggests, involves promoting your brand or products with the help of influential individuals. It …

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Zepo Listed On Google’s Digital Unlocked Initiative

Greetings everyone! We are pleased as punch to announce Zepo’s inclusion in Google’s Digital Unlocked initiative in a big way. Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced the Digital Unlocked initiative, aimed at empowering around 51 million SMB’s in India by helping them go digital. Zepo has been listed as one of …

influencer marketing

How To Crack Influencer Marketing For Your E-Commerce Business

Did you ever end up buying something because you saw your favorite celebrity endorsing it on Instagram? Well, that means Influencer Marketing worked its wonders on you rather well. Call it a trend or a phenomenon, the concept of Influencer Marketing is fast making inroads in the business ecosystem. Influencers possess great power over …

social media ads

Why Social Media Ads are Key to Unlocking Sales for SME’s

“Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great Marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov. (Ex VP – Content, Hubspot) For an Entrepreneur who has decided to start an online business, the challenges that exist are immense. Getting the venture to break-even is the primary goal in the …

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Entry Tax Challan Forms in India: A State-wise List

Imposed by the State Government of India, Entry Tax is levied on goods that are being transported from one state to another. To ease your understanding, Entry Tax might be levied on goods that have entered an area other than their place of origin, or their manufacturing location. If a …