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4 Innovative Ways to Make Sure You Never Lose A Customer

Small businesses need to plan for growth while spending as little as possible. This can be a daunting task, especially if you’re having a hard time acquiring new customers. Although gaining new customers is essential, it’s not the only factor that affects growth. In fact, retaining your existing customers is …

gst impact on sme

GST: Examining its Impact on Small & Medium Businesses

GST is now all ready to be rolled out on July 1. It is no more a notion but a reality. Goods & Service Tax is a unified tax system which would subsume all the indirect taxes. An updated GST bill was passed in the Lok Sabha including quite a …

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6 Ways You Can Market And Sell on Instagram

In 2010, the world saw a revolutionary app called Instagram gain its popularity through a simple concept called photo-sharing. A few years later, social platforms took a dig with the invention of SnapChat where things were snapped, not stilled! These platforms were interesting, unique and most importantly unanimous in terms …


Top 3 eCommerce Growth Hacks to Help You Boost Sales

Ask any eCommerce business owner about his business goals and you are most likely to hear ‘to grow the business enormously’ as the answer. If you have the same goal for your eCommerce business this year, you need to devise strategies that will help you achieve the following: Win more …

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The Hidden Logistics Scam That Is Making You Bleed Cash

There is something dark about Indian E-commerce logistics that nobody is talking about. Big numbers acknowledge the industry’s prolific growth, but certain issues continue to plague E-Commerce sellers and Logistics companies. This post will throw light on 1 such element, the reclusive and little known “Fake Delivery Attempt”. As we …

zepo marketplace vs unicommerce

Zepo Marketplace Vs. Unicommerce: A Head-To-Head Comparison

The argument for selling on marketplaces is a pretty strong one. The Indian online market has been growing at an astonishing 60 % year-on-year rate. Amazon recently touched 26 million unique site visits in a month. Flipkart too recorded 23 million unique site visitors. The business exposure is immense if …

zepo ecommerce workshop

What I Learnt From Hosting Zepo’s Inaugural ECommerce Workshop

How does one start a workshop with supreme confidence? With multiple sets of eyes staring at you intently, it does get a little nerve-wracking to be honest. I recently conducted an ECommerce workshop in Delhi for people who were interested in understanding about selling online. I was aiming to simplify the …

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How To Sell On Marketplaces Like A Boss

Back in 1966, long before the existence of the Internet, TIME magazine published a radical piece titled ‘The Futurists’. It talked about how life would be like in the year 2000. The author predicted that people would be ‘shopping remotely’ in the future from the comfort of their homes, but …


10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Sales With College Ambassador Program

Are you a startup? Are you looking for a cost friendly yet effective means to market your business? If yes, then this article is for you. With the advent of social media, marketers have been looking for creative ways to build a buzz economically. Through social media, advertisers have been …

Zepo Couriers app for Shopify

Zepo Couriers App for Shopify: An Overview

Any informed industry expert will rightly tell you that Logistics is the back bone of the E-Commerce industry, which is growing at a breakneck speed of 51%. Zepo Couriers is a service that provides a comprehensive logistics solution to anyone who is involved in selling online across any platform. Based …