4 Reasons Why Packaging is Important for E-Commerce Businesses

Numerous e-commerce businesses are now investing in corrugated boxes to improve packaging and labelling instead of just wrapping the product, putting it in a box and delivering it. The main aim of improved packaging and labelling is to ensure safe delivery of the product and effective promotion of the brand. …

artificial intelligence in ecommerce

10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

The internet has opened the door for revolutionizing various sectors. E-commerce sector is one of them. E-commerce sectors have unlocked new opportunities and scope for retailers. Retailers also have never seen such a growth in their sales. Artificial intelligence is taking E-commerce to the next level. In this article, we …

benefits plastic food packaging

8 Things Every Food Manufacturer Needs to Know About Plastic Packaging

The food industry is rapidly expanding, both via physical retail outlets as well as online e-commerce websites. The rapid expansion of the food industry calls for an added focus on the type and composition of the food packaging bags. Packaging plays a crucial role when it comes to product quality …


How Every E-commerce Website Should Do Online Marketing?

In today’s digital age, it is pretty evident that digital marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays a major role in converting a click to a sale business. Looking at the studies conducted on CTR (Click Through Rate) by Optify, we can see that the website ranking first has a …

GAP Analysis for Businesses

How To Carry Out A Gap Analysis Audit For Your Corporation?

One of the underlying stages over the span of usage of a Quality Management System (QMS) or its remodelling in any organization is to lead a relative analysis between your QMS set up with the one which is considered according to mandates of the ISO standards. This system is all …

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7 Inventory Management Techniques That Will Save You Lots of Money

Inventory management is not easy on the mind. Holding inventory ties up a lot of cash and thus various factors should be considered in order to manage and organize the farrago of products and suitably make it available on time. 1. Relationships Handling inventory is challenging. Doing everything according to …


5 Things To Consider Before Deciding To Sell On a Marketplace

The ongoing growth of marketplaces due to the reach of e-commerce has paved way for various avenues in the business world. Through newfound doors of trends, demands and customization, the sellers are reckoning creative methods to sell products online. Marketplaces are home to many such sellers, helping them reach a …

Gold vs forex trading

Gold vs. Forex: Which Trading Option to Choose?

Gold has been a reliable investment option for centuries. It has been best used as a hedge against inflation but how does it measure up against forex trading? Since both forex and gold have their shares of pros and cons, which one of them is a better trading option for …


E-Commerce Website vs. Marketplaces: Where Should You Sell Online?

E-commerce has developed immensely in the past decade. Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and many more marketplaces have paved way to shorten distances and create price and product utilities. A huge predicament for sellers is whether to sell through their own web store or rely on online marketplace for the same. So, …


6 Strategies Proven to Acquire New Customers & Increase Customer Engagement

A brand will only succeed if the customers are happy and they will prefer that brand irrespective of its competitors. It is really important to hold on to the current customers and also with it develop strategies to get new ones. Here we are listing 6 such strategies to acquire …