Zepo-AVN Logistics Tie-Up

Update: Click here to see the detailed rates of Zepo’s AVN Logistics Tie Up. Logistics is a very integral part of an e-commerce business. And we don’t want to screw up your customer deliveries. Like they say, “One happy customer tells 2-3. One unhappy customer tells 10.” In our endeavor …

Website Under Construction

ManyContacts Bar to Register Customers while Online Store is Under Construction

So your website is under construction and it’ll be a while before you launch. But your promotions have started and the word-of-mouth about your awesome store is spreading! How do you keep a check on the enthusiasm? And ensure that the people coming to your website while it is under …

DirecPay Free with Zepo

TimesofMoney’s DirecPay Payment Gateway FREE with Zepo Online Stores

We realize that payment gateways are priced rather highly. And for small businesses it means that the high cost of processing online payments would eat up margins. And that is why we offer you a free DirecPay payment gateway when you sign up with Zepo.

Zepo: Level Up to New Features

Level up to New Features! Introducing Layout 4, PunchTab, DirecPay, Lexity and much more!

The season of festivities has begun! And we hope this season is nothing short of a BANG for you! We had vowed to help you in marketing your online stores too and we constantly keep delivering on our promise! Apart from the brand new advanced features like PunchTab that helps …


E-Commerce ka Swayamwar: The Happily Ever After

The one question that we have been asked over and over again is how did we come up the E-Commerce ka Swayamwar? As a tech start-up, we at Zepo, have been given a multitude of platforms to showcase, discuss, critique and analyse our tech-startups. But we haven’t seen a single …


eCommerce ka Swayamwar: The Most Happening ECommerce Event of the Year

Join the Baraat at the wackiest Swayamwar ever. Register now Before you go all raised eyebrows on the name of the event, yes, we are going traditional this Ganesh Chaturthi! Keeping in view our love for the unconventional, we are hosting the most happening event around e-commerce 😉 This will …


Create your own Free Email IDs for your Online Store Custom Domain

What sounds better: support.zepo@gmail.com or support@zepo.in? Obviously, the latter. And if we have it, so you can you. Let’s add some swag to your brand name! If you already are hosting your online store on your own custom domain, you can easily go ahead and add custom emails too. Follow …


Track Customers on your eCommerce Store in Real Time with Lexity Live

Imagine this: you can see 30 customers on your store, with the majority traffic coming from Delhi. Out of those 30, 5 are buying from your store right now, 15 are wondering whether to buy or not and 10 are browsing through your product collection. Now, isn’t that just delightful? …


Increase Traffic with Customer Loyalty Programs from Punchtab

Integrate Punchtab on your Zepo Store to offer rewards, run giveaways and award badges to your customers. This helps you to get user, keep user and reward user. With Punchtab Loyalty Program, Incentivize your visitors to engage, interact and share your content. On average, Loyalty members visit 11x more and …


Customize Contact Forms on your Online Store with ManyContacts

Driving visitors to your online store is just part of the equation. The other part of the equation is to convert those leads into sales for your brand. And while some of the visitors convert on their first visit, what do you do with some who just browsed your online …