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Who are we?

The Zepo Blog is basically a resource for anyone who is interested in E-Commerce. We write about eCommerce trends in India, helpful eCommerce resources for online sellers and inspirational e-preneur success stories.

Who do we write for?

We write blogs for small and medium business owners who are planning to start selling online or already have started. Also people who are in keen in gaining more knowledge about ongoing trends in E-Commerce.

What should you keep in mind?

  1. The post has to be relevant for the blog. It has to be related to E-Commerce.
  2. Post only original content. Any sort of plagiarism would not be appreciated.
  3. Previously published content will be declined.
  4. The language of the post should be simple and easy to understand. Avoid using jargons.
  5. The post should be interesting, having relevant examples and updated with the current trends.
  6. The headline should be catchy and should convey what the post is about.
  7. Avoid submitting promotional posts at all costs. We allow at most 2 mentions per post of any company.
  8. Please add the text of your article with relevant hyperlinks below.

Some examples of the blog posts that have been written on Zepo Blog on the style of writing we adopt.

What all we will be requiring from you?

  1. Bio: A 50 word bio giving a brief description about you and what you do or what you’d love to do .
  2. Photograph: A nice display picture for people to identify that yes, you wrote the blog.
  3. Relevant keywords that your blog post is targeting.
  4. A relevant cover picture with your blog of the dimension 750 pixels.

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