Confusion about affiliate programs

7 Reasons Your Affiliate Program Isn’t Working

Let me start this article with a tip for a minor attitude adjustment for small businesses & Affiliate Managers. This tip stems from my own guilt of doing this while working for the last company that I was at, and also from casual conversations had with other Functional Heads or …


Increase Online Sales with Third Party Affiliate Marketing Tools

Initially, spreading the word about your brand and it’s products on your own is easy and manageable. There are plenty of channels; social media, email newsletters, etc. But after a while once your brand starts to grow, you need others to start talking about you. At this point, your customers …


iCubesWire Affiliate Marketing for your Online Store

Q: What is iCubesWire and the affiliate marketing program? A: iCubesWire is an affiliate marketing network. iCubes advertises your online store to the relevant online audience by various means like newsletter, banners on affiliate networks, etc helping you get more sales on your website.  Q: How will iCubeswire charge me for …