Zepo Couriers and Shipyaari (AVN) Logistics Rates Compared

Zepo Couriers takes pride in being known as a premium courier aggregator service. We provide competitive shipping rates and loads of value added features, making us one of the smartest shipping solutions in the country. Here, we do a detailed comparison of the rates for shipping through Zepo Couriers and Shipyaari …

ZePOST Automated Shipping Integration

How to Schedule a Pickup with ZePOST Logistics Integration

We have some great news for all Zepo store owners. You might already know about the all new Zepo Couriers, but that is not all! We’re stoked to announce that the dashboard integration of the new Zepo Couriers for Zepo customers has gone live and is up and running . …


Zepo Couriers and ShipRocket Logistics Rates Compared

Zepo Couriers recently underwent a massive overhaul to incorporate a host of features, making it one of the smartest shipping solutions in the country. We offer some of the most competitive shipping rates in the market right now. There have been many comparisons of our rates with Shiprocket’s in the …

Zepo: Level Up to New Features

Level Up to New Features! Introducing AVN Logistics Tie-Up, Mobile Responsive Themes & Much More!

It’s been a while since we got in touch. How have you been doing? The festive season is here and Santa’s packed loads of gifts for your brand, [brand_name]’s online store this Christmas! Introducing a whole new set of awesome features that will get your fans to talk and share …