How To Effectively Calculate Shipping Costs For Your Online Business

Now that you have started selling online and managing your business, you would have come across the various challenges that running an E-Commerce business gets along with it. The biggest being logistics, shipping itself is a very prominent part of the entire chain of E-Commerce industry and if used effectively …

pack furniture

How To Pack Furniture & Home Decor for E-Commerce Shipping

Every time i see a courier guy at my doorstep clutching a parcel, it ignites a sense of excitement. Admit it, the feeling of unwrapping something new is euphoric. A quick role-reversal on the other hand reveals a different picture. From the perspective of an E-Commerce seller, things are quite …


Introducing Zepo Couriers – The Smartest Digital Shipping Solution

The word courier is derived from the latin word currere, which means to run. It was the fastest mode of transport realistically back in the age of kings. Expedited logistics posed a big challenge because automated modes of transport did not exist back then. The solution? Human runners, homing pigeons …