4 Reasons Why Packaging is Important for E-Commerce Businesses

Numerous e-commerce businesses are now investing in corrugated boxes to improve packaging and labelling instead of just wrapping the product, putting it in a box and delivering it. The main aim of improved packaging and labelling is to ensure safe delivery of the product and effective promotion of the brand. …

artificial intelligence in ecommerce

10 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in E-Commerce

The internet has opened the door for revolutionizing various sectors. E-commerce sector is one of them. E-commerce sectors have unlocked new opportunities and scope for retailers. Retailers also have never seen such a growth in their sales. Artificial intelligence is taking E-commerce to the next level. In this article, we …

ecommerce analytics

Ecommerce Analytics: Top 6 Metrics for Growing Your Online Store

You have millions of opportunities to attract attention online. Going after each one will result in a lot of effort, without the focus necessary to win the war that is competitive ecommerce. Pay attention to the right metrics in your Ecommerce analytics, double-down on moving the needle, and you’ve got …

online fashion store marketing practices

9 Ways To Market Your Online Fashion Store Effectively

Selling clothes online can be quite challenging because the competition is harsh. Buyers are spoilt for choice! This brings us to the question: How can you build a strong brand and grow sales in the online fashion industry? We looked for the best practices that online fashion brands use to …

gst impact on sme

GST: Examining its Impact on Small & Medium Businesses

GST is now all ready to be rolled out on July 1. It is no more a notion but a reality. Goods & Service Tax is a unified tax system which would subsume all the indirect taxes. An updated GST bill was passed in the Lok Sabha including quite a …

fake delivery attempt ecommerce logistics

The Hidden Logistics Scam That Is Making You Bleed Cash

There is something dark about Indian E-commerce logistics that nobody is talking about. Big numbers acknowledge the industry’s prolific growth, but certain issues continue to plague E-Commerce sellers and Logistics companies. This post will throw light on 1 such element, the reclusive and little known “Fake Delivery Attempt”. As we …

zepo ecommerce workshop

What I Learnt From Hosting Zepo’s Inaugural ECommerce Workshop

How does one start a workshop with supreme confidence? With multiple sets of eyes staring at you intently, it does get a little nerve-wracking to be honest. I recently conducted an ECommerce workshop in Delhi for people who were interested in understanding about selling online. I was aiming to simplify the …

zepo marketplace

How To Sell On Marketplaces Like A Boss

Back in 1966, long before the existence of the Internet, TIME magazine published a radical piece titled ‘The Futurists’. It talked about how life would be like in the year 2000. The author predicted that people would be ‘shopping remotely’ in the future from the comfort of their homes, but …

popups ecommerce

The Curious Case of Popups in E-Commerce Websites

Popups are a bit of mixed bag in terms of reactions. Some swear by it, while some find it to be plain annoying. Online shoppers in 2017 are now increasingly used to first being shown a popup before being able to browse the content that e-commerce sites have to offer. New …


Your Monthly Fix Of E-Commerce News | January 2017

As 2016 prepared to bid us goodbye, India overtook the USA in terms of internet users. At 227 million people, India’s internet user base is now the second largest in the world after China. Now THAT is E-Commerce news worthy.  The E-Commerce industry is on a rapid growth trajectory if …