zepo women entrepreneurs

Celebrating the Spirit of Zepo’s Women Entrepreneurs

Time and again, we come across stories infiltrating our news feeds reciting incidents about business magnates and how they went from being ‘zeroes to heroes’. Every successful entrepreneur has his own inspiring story to share, but women entrepreneurs usually have a more colorful tale to tell.  Decades ago, it was impossible …

ecommerce conversion mistakes

5 Ecommerce Conversion Mistakes You should Avoid

Mistakes are inevitable especially in marketing. Yet failing to correct those mistakes or learn from them means your ecommerce business will suffer in the long run. Even if it seems like a tiny mistake, it could be seriously damaging your conversions. Take a look at some of the common Ecommerce …

shilpa bhatia clothing rental 2016 bandra store

How One Entrepreneur is Making Fashion Affordable – The Story Behind The Clothing Rental

Let me hazard a guess here. You are probably at work sitting behind your desk, secretly nurturing dreams of one day having your own business. The entrepreneurship force is strong in you, but you are probably afraid to take the path less trod upon. If that is indeed true, this …


Ritika & Ranjana Shraff are showing the world how to stay & look Foppish

A mother and her daughters are always at loggerheads with each other! But here is a trio, a mother and her 2 daughters who are creating quite the hype with their affordable fashion jewellery! Yes girls, you didn’t hear me wrong. I did say affordable fashion jewellery. Check out Foppish Mart, the …


Kati Patang: Not the classic Bollywood movie but an online store for kites by a 19 year old!

Sahil Kukreja is like every other teenager; 19 year old guy, currently in his 2nd year of college. Being a true Amdavadi, he has been completely lost in the fervour of the upcoming Uttarayan festival. His love for kites and aspirations of being an entrepreneur is what led him to …


From Doodling to Entrepreneurship : Chattin’ with Priya from StopNStare

Since we started out, almost 18 months, we come across awe – inspiring entrepreneurs everyday, who have sacrificed a lot to reach where they are today. And after all the hardships and challenges they have faced, they wake up every day with the same enthusiasm and passion. These are the …