ecommerce analytics

Ecommerce Analytics: Top 6 Metrics for Growing Your Online Store

You have millions of opportunities to attract attention online. Going after each one will result in a lot of effort, without the focus necessary to win the war that is competitive ecommerce. Pay attention to the right metrics in your Ecommerce analytics, double-down on moving the needle, and you’ve got …

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Zepo Listed On Google’s Digital Unlocked Initiative

Greetings everyone! We are pleased as punch to announce Zepo’s inclusion in Google’s Digital Unlocked initiative in a big way. Google CEO Sundar Pichai recently announced the Digital Unlocked initiative, aimed at empowering around 51 million SMB’s in India by helping them go digital. Zepo has been listed as one of …


Why We Love These Google Tools (And You Should, Too!)

Google offers business productivity tools which is reckoned as Google Apps for Business that integrates a variety of collaboration software tools for data management and communication In this article, I will share my views about different Google products which can help you in your online business. Essential Google Products:  Google …

Advertising on Google

How to Start Advertising Your Ecommerce Store on Google

The Basics of Paid Advertisements For Ecommerce Stores on Google Adwords  When the two brothers Vaishnav and Vishnu started selling their innovative wooden mobile phone cases on they did not have many takers. Was it because their product was mediocre and not liked by people? Certainly not! Their sales …


Don’t get Dumped! Not even by the New Gmail Inbox.

It took all your courage to go up and talk to that one girl you liked in your school, or maybe in your college. You went up and told all that was necessary to seal the deal.  Didnt work out ? You just got dumped! Felt bad? But you were …