The Best Marketing Automation Software for ECommerce Stores

All too often, people are doing it backwards. They’re buying the technology then asking what’s next. Technology is not a silver bullet without a strategy and plan. – Ardath Albee, CEO of Marketing Interactions   Marketers and business owners, like inventors, often stumble upon some of their life’s biggest discoveries …

quirky online brands 2017

Top 30 Quirky Online Brands To Watch Out For In 2017!

We Indians love to shop online. From fruits to fashion, we have shown the willingness to purchase almost everything off the internet for the love of convenience. An IAMAI study recently pegged the Indian E-Commerce industry at a value of Rs. 2,11,005 crores in 2016, which nearly doubled from 2015. India’s …

influencers boost conversion rates

How to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate with Influencers

Is your online store falling behind on your sales goals? Are you running out of ideas to boost your ecommerce conversion rate? Maybe it’s time you give influencer marketing a try. Influencer marketing, as the name suggests, involves promoting your brand or products with the help of influential individuals. It …

influencer marketing

How To Crack Influencer Marketing For Your E-Commerce Business

Did you ever end up buying something because you saw your favorite celebrity endorsing it on Instagram? Well, that means Influencer Marketing worked its wonders on you rather well. Call it a trend or a phenomenon, the concept of Influencer Marketing is fast making inroads in the business ecosystem. Influencers possess great power over …


How Chatbots can Revitalize Customer Engagement for SME’s

When i recently came across the term “Artificial Intelligence Chatbots”, my mind conjured up scenes from the movie Terminator. I imagined a wondrous giant cyborg fighting valiantly to save humanity, just like in the movies. Upon further study, my delusions were dispelled as i tried to comprehend what the future …

pokemon go

Pokemon Go for Business: Everything You Need to Know

Unless you are a hermit living in the Himalayas, you have probably heard of Pokemon Go. For the less initiated ones, Pokemon GO is a free-to-play Augmented Reality exergame for smartphones based on the Pokemon universe from Japan. It is also a total marketing powerhouse. Needless to say, it has …

social media marketing game of thrones inspired

3 Social Media Marketing Lessons Inspired From Game Of Thrones

When HBO released its much awaited Game of Thrones finale a few weeks back, the fan in me quite literally broke loose. After all, who would be expecting an ending of such magnitude? Thankfully though, I somehow managed to stop fangirling and came to my senses. It was then that …