popups ecommerce

The Curious Case of Popups in E-Commerce Websites

Popups are a bit of mixed bag in terms of reactions. Some swear by it, while some find it to be plain annoying. Online shoppers in 2017 are now increasingly used to first being shown a popup before being able to browse the content that e-commerce sites have to offer. New …

Why you need SSL for your online store

What is SSL Security Certificate & Why Does Your Online Store Need It

Shopping online can be scary for anyone. If only there was a way for you to ensure that all the information on your website is protected and safe. This will ensure there is no chance of it being hacked into or stolen. Luckily for you, there is. Having an SSL certificate …

Review of Major Payment Gateways in India

A Review of Major Payment Gateways in India

A technological platform, logistics support, SEO, marketing, payment gateways, hiring employees! I could go on and on talking about all the things you need to set up an e-commerce venture. With so many choices around, any entrepreneur might struggle to find the right partners for their venture. Here at Zepo, …


10 online stores you would regret not knowing about earlier

While Flipkart, Amazon or Snapdeal are the few names that comes to our head whenever we think of online shopping, there are multiple stores on internet who despite having great products continue to be alien to us. And then we are accidentally introduced to them and end up uttering ‘wow’ …

Save Money While Shipping

How To Save Money While Shipping :- Guide for Online Sellers

Now that you have started selling online and managing your business, you would have come across the various challenges that running a E- Commerce business gets along with it. The biggest being logistics. Shipping itself is a very prominent part of the entire chain of E-Commerce industry and if used …


Are You Packing a Punch? All About eCommerce Packaging for Indian Online Sellers

Ever wonder why Kinder Joy never fails to hook the little kids onto their little treats? Ever seen the joy on the child’s face when he opens a white little egg to find a chocolate and a toy to play with. Well that’s the beauty of packaging for you. We …

Abandoned Cart

How to Minimize Abandoned Carts on your Online Store

You’d almost never walk into a super market, pile stuff onto a cart and walk out without making a purchase. But things change when you shop online. Customers often browse through an online store, select items they like, add them to their shopping cart, and then simply stop midway without …

Chargeback Fraud

Payment Gateway Queries: How to Prevent Fraudulent Chargebacks on your Online Store

Ever tried to recharge your mobile number online and the amount never got credited? Weren’t you worried that you might never get the money back? Now that you are an entrepreneur with an online store you must surely be worried about fraudulent transactions, charge backs and crimes that could possibly …

Granify Zepo

Convince Every Visitor To Buy From You With The Granify App!

Your store keeps getting many visitors, but not everyone seems interested in buying. You know who we’re talking about, right? Window shoppers! That’s right, that group of people who just don’t look convinced enough with your store and decide to leave without making any purchase from you. With the Granify …

Zepo: Level Up to New Features

Level up to New Features! Introducing Layout 4, PunchTab, DirecPay, Lexity and much more!

The season of festivities has begun! And we hope this season is nothing short of a BANG for you! We had vowed to help you in marketing your online stores too and we constantly keep delivering on our promise! Apart from the brand new advanced features like PunchTab that helps …