Paytm vs. PayUmoney: Which payment gateway will you choose?

Demonetization has now become the necessity of every major or minor economy in the world. 60 years ago no one could have imagined that cash could be replaced with anything, but then credit cards had been introduced and now it seems like payment methods are changing again. Digital or mobile …

Sell Internationally through Paypal

Sell International : Paypal the free International Payment Gateway

So, you are done setting up your online store. You want to go international, sell across the globe, to the far reaches of the Earth. But, how will your international customers buy your awesome products without an International Payment gateway? Well, folks, have you heard about Paypal? The internationally renowned …

Chargeback Fraud

Payment Gateway Queries: How to Prevent Fraudulent Chargebacks on your Online Store

Ever tried to recharge your mobile number online and the amount never got credited? Weren’t you worried that you might never get the money back? Now that you are an entrepreneur with an online store you must surely be worried about fraudulent transactions, charge backs and crimes that could possibly …

PayU Free with Zepo

PayUbiz Payment Gateway FREE with Zepo

*Note: PayUbiz was fomally known as PayU.  We realize that payment gateways are priced rather highly. And for small businesses it means that the high cost of processing online payments would eat up margins. And that is why we offer you a free PayUbiz payment gateway when you sign up with …

Registering eCommerce Business

Registering an e-commerce business in India: Sole Proprietorship 101

Off lately we have been getting a lot of queries about getting businesses registered, so we thought that we’d make it easier for you. Any e-commerce business which wants to accept online payments, needs to be a registered company. So as to be able to integrate an authorized payment gateway on the …