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Realize the Power of ‘Personalize’: Make it Personal, Silly!

Remember your birthday when you went out for lunch with your friends and the waiters gave you a complimentary cake and sang happy birthday for you? Sweet gesture, wasn’t it? Hell yeah, it was!! Now, why shouldn’t your customers deserve the same treatment from you? Welcome to ‘Make it Personal’ where …


Increase your sales this Valentine’s Day : List of Exhibitions, Bazaars and Flea Markets in February

Do we smell love in the air?  Well, it sure looks like it. Valentine’s Day is just around the gear. And we bet all of you must be gearing up, to do put the very best foot forward this season of love! So here’s a list of flea markets and …

Registering eCommerce Business

Registering an e-commerce business in India: Sole Proprietorship 101

Off lately we have been getting a lot of queries about getting businesses registered, so we thought that we’d make it easier for you. Any e-commerce business which wants to accept online payments, needs to be a registered company. So as to be able to integrate an authorized payment gateway on the …