local seo

How to Rank a Website Locally: Local SEO Guide

If you have a local business, you know that it is absolutely imperative to feature well in online search results. It has rapidly become the go-to point for new-place discovery for people who are unaccustomed to a new area or city. Are you focusing on the right local ranking factors? …

Ways to Maintain SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking- 5 Unique Ways To Maintain It

After months and months of hard-work, you notice your SEO ranking has finally improved, yet, you are afraid that this might just be ephemeral? Well, yes! That’s the bitter truth. SEO rankings of a site are way too grounded on the way you treat it! SEO rankings are like guests …

SEO Copywriting : Attract Spiders now!

You don’t have to be an insect to attract spiders- SEO Copywriting Commandments

Managing the content of your website in such a manner that it is “Search Engine Optimized” is the best way to gain traction. Did not get what I said? Let us break it down for you. We all know that people all around the world use various search engines like …

Link Building SEO Techniques

Off Page SEO to increase Online Store traffic

Along with your Search Engine optimized store, there are more ways to attract the online crowd to your store. So next up in the series of internet marketing gyaan, we bring to you, Off page SEO. For all those wondering, What in the name of god is Off page SEO? …


SEO Tips and Tricks for your Online Stores

Looking for the guide on how to use the new SEO options for individual product pages on Zepo? Follow here. So you’ve gone ahead and created a Zepo store for your brand, set it up on your custom domain, added all your products, customized the look and feel of your storefront to …


Ways to Increase Online Sales

You have already managed to successfully complete one uphill task of opening an online store. And the journey has been fun! You’ve done great so far and seen good response on your store. But wouldn’t it be great to drive better traffic and boost your sales? Opening up an online store is …


How to find new customers and increase online sales

It is the best thing in the world to see a surge of traffic on your online store! It gives us immense satisfaction to know that we’re loved by our customers. And as store owners, we are always on the lookout for interesting ways to keep getting good traffic to …


How to increase online sales by optimally using your Zepo dashboard features

We put in a lot of thought and hard work to get you the best features for your online stores. And we keep on improving thanks to your feedback. There are nifty little things that you can try from your Zepo dashboard to optimize your online stores, liking optimizing product …