gst impact on sme

GST: Examining its Impact on Small & Medium Businesses

GST is now all ready to be rolled out on July 1. It is no more a notion but a reality. Goods & Service Tax is a unified tax system which would subsume all the indirect taxes. An updated GST bill was passed in the Lok Sabha including quite a …


From Exploding Machines to Gorgeous Prints – The Printrove Story

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel. Great words that Mr. Madhur Chauhan probably took to heart when he decided to start Printrove. We are always looking to understand our clients and their businesses closely so that we can serve them better. Which is why, we decided to …

influencer marketing

How To Crack Influencer Marketing For Your E-Commerce Business

Did you ever end up buying something because you saw your favorite celebrity endorsing it on Instagram? Well, that means Influencer Marketing worked its wonders on you rather well. Call it a trend or a phenomenon, the concept of Influencer Marketing is fast making inroads in the business ecosystem. Influencers possess great power over …

local seo

How to Rank a Website Locally: Local SEO Guide

If you have a local business, you know that it is absolutely imperative to feature well in online search results. It has rapidly become the go-to point for new-place discovery for people who are unaccustomed to a new area or city. Are you focusing on the right local ranking factors? …


Why You Need to Localize Your Small Business

There’s a lot of buzz about localization of late. If you’re paying attention to what is being said, you’ll hear that large businesses around the globe are localizing to meet consumer demand. They tailor specific offers, products and messages to the personal tastes of consumers in different parts of the …


How Chatbots can Revitalize Customer Engagement for SME’s

When i recently came across the term “Artificial Intelligence Chatbots”, my mind conjured up scenes from the movie Terminator. I imagined a wondrous giant cyborg fighting valiantly to save humanity, just like in the movies. Upon further study, my delusions were dispelled as i tried to comprehend what the future …

pokemon go

Pokemon Go for Business: Everything You Need to Know

Unless you are a hermit living in the Himalayas, you have probably heard of Pokemon Go. For the less initiated ones, Pokemon GO is a free-to-play Augmented Reality exergame for smartphones based on the Pokemon universe from Japan. It is also a total marketing powerhouse. Needless to say, it has …


Weighing the Pros & Cons of the GST Bill for Indian Businesses

Amidst long drawn political hand-wringing, lengthy discussions and months of speculation, the GST bill has been finally passed in the upper house of Parliament, the Rajya Sabha. The bill embodies the concept of “One nation, One tax”, and serves as the greatest tax reform in the history of our nation. …