Zepo Couriers app for Shopify

Zepo Couriers App for Shopify: An Overview

Any informed industry expert will rightly tell you that Logistics is the back bone of the E-Commerce industry, which is growing at a breakneck speed of 51%. Zepo Couriers is a service that provides a comprehensive logistics solution to anyone who is involved in selling online across any platform. Based …

Zepo Customer Success meetup

In Conversation With Mumbai’s Ecommerce Champions | Zepo Customer Success Meetup

The “Zepo Customer Success Meetup” was held on the 21st of May 2016. We were graciously met with a strong response from our clients. 22 of our customers came out to honor the cause by generously giving us their valuable time for a conversation over coffee. The Zepo Customer Success event …

Zepo Customer Support meetup

Tech Meets Indie Business Stars in the Making – Zepo Customer Success Meetup

The world we live in today prioritizes speed and efficiency over everything else, and people have an increasingly virtual existence. Facebook, Email, Whatsapp and Skype are bywords for communication today, and face-to-face interaction is hugely undervalued. In business, time is money and that is a law etched in stone. But …


Zepo inked partnership with Shopo- a mobile marketplace

Courtesy the rising affordability of internet and smartphones, the relevance of mobile commerce(m-commerce) has visibly increased in the commerce and retail landscape. Infact, earlier it was only Myntra, now even Flipkart announced its intent to scrap its desktop website and go out-and-out app only store. Businesses from even other domains, …


Selling on marketplaces made super-easy for Zepo store owners

Regardless of what your product is, selling on online marketplaces is being looked as one of the easiest and convenient way to multiply your revenue. Zepo has always encouraged its store owners to list their products on marketplaces, apart from their own store, as it renders them the following advantages: …


Level Up to New Features- Around.io, Refiral, CCAvenue and much More

Ever wondered what is common between an online store owner and an F1 driver? Well, for starters, both live life in the fast lane and need fully-upgraded equipment to stay in the race. And wouldn’t it suck if your brand, didn’t have the best car for the big race? That …


ZePost- Now Revamped and integrated with New and Efficient Features

For starters, we’ve come up with loads of new features for ZePOST, our automated shipping tool. With the all new ZePOST, shipping your orders is going to be a whole lot easier and faster. Read on to know more about how the new ZePOST is here to help you manage your …


Get a Facebook Store With Your Zepo Website

If the Internet was one big country, we could safely call Facebook its capital. With more than 100 million Indian users, it is time you reached out to all your potential customers on Facebook! Start selling to thousands of shoppers on your brand’s Facebook page itself! Now, start your own …

Zepo E Bazaar

Presenting the Zepo E-Bazaar: Our Very Own Flea Market in Delhi

Delhi folks, get excited! Because this weekend, Zepo is coming to town. The festive season is here again and we’ve got some great plans in store for you. Presenting to you the Zepo E-Bazaar! For the first time ever, Zepo is conducting a flea market in Delhi. So move your …

Zepo vs Kartrocket

Zepo VS. KartRocket: Comparing eCommerce Platforms in India

Looking to open an online store, are you? There are alot many ecommerce platforms in India, to spoil you for choice. But when it boils down to choosing an e-commerce platform for your online store, it all becomes a matter of features and support provided by each platform and at …