Talent Isn't My Biggest Strength, Curiosity Is

We aren't looking for geniuses. We are looking for the round pegs in the square holes.

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We are hiring at Zepo

First, a giant, Godzilla-size thanks from us for showing interest in us and visiting this page. It gives us pleasure of the highest order whenever we interest anyone, except obviously when it is for the wrong reasons, which according to our tiny self-obsessed part should be none :)

Now, we at Zepo are looking forward to expand our awesome team. We are on the lookout for Rockstars whose awesomeness level on the scale of one to ten is 12, who can turn polymath if the situation asks for it, who can be an active character in Zepo's growth story and who are round pegs in square holes.

Right now we are hiring for the following positions at Zepo. If any of them interest you, visit the link below to know the details.