Zepo Couriers FAQ

Scheduling couriers

Do I get to choose the courier partner of my choice?

Yes, you can choose the courier partner of your choice each time you schedule a pickup using Zepo Couriers.

Can I schedule more than 1 shipment at a time?

Yes, you can do this via Bulk Upload option available on our dashboard. However, you can upload only 50 orders at a time.


Do I and my customer get tracking updates?

Yes, tracking updates will be shared via SMS or Email depending upon the plan you opt for.

Do I have to call or notify someone for my pickup?

No, you don't have to.
Whenever you schedule a pickup from the dashboard, a shipping label gets generated. Simultaneously a notification goes to the respective courier company person to make a pickup from your place.


Can I schedule pickup from multiple pickup locations?

Yes, you can schedule pickup from multiple pickup locations. Multiple pickup locations are offered only in Pro & Advanced plans.


How do I pay for the courier charges?

Zepo Couriers works on a prepaid system You can pay for the courier charges using PayTM or Zepo wallet to schedule your shipments. If any additional charges are levied on your shipment, then you'll be notified about the same along with a payment link to clear the same.

Do I need to pay any security deposit to open an account with Zepo?

Yes, you will need to pay Rs. 2000/- as refundable security deposit. You can pay the same when you are scheduling your first shopment. This is a refundable security deposit.

Why do I have to pay Rs. 2000 deposit?

When you schedule a shipment, you pay according to the weight that you have entered. When the courier company measures the weight of the consignment at their hub and in cases where there is a discrepancy between the weights, the difference amount is billed on a monthly basis. Once the monthly bill is sent to you, the bill needs to be cleared within 7 working days. Back when we did not charge the security deposit, we had cases where the client refused to pay the pending amount and we had to pay the courier company from our pocket. As you understand, this results in financial loss for us. To make sure that we have a buffer amount in such situations, Zepo charges the Rs. 2000/- to protect our interests in such situations.

What are the insurance charges for shipments ?

Invoice value up to Rs 5000 - Free
Invoice value for shipments above Rs 5000 - 0.5 % of invoice value

Note: Insurance will not be applicable for shipments containing jewellery, precious stones, perishable items etc.


Is same day delivery possible?

No, we are not serving hyperlocal at the moment. We will be expanding to the hyperlocal space soon.

How many days does it take for my package to be delivered?

Air shipment - 1-4 working days
Surface shipment (Economy) - 4-7 working days

Billing & Remittance

How does the COD remittance work?

For all the shipments that are delivered between 1st and 15th of a particular month, the remittance reports will be shared by the 30th of the same month.
For all the shipments that are delivered between 16th and 30th/31st of a particular month, the remittance reports will be shared by the 15th of the following month.
The amount will be remitted to your bank account in 3-4 working days.
Any dispute raised regarding COD after 60 days of delivery date of the shipment will not be entertained.
In case to any discrepancies you can drop a mail to support@zepo.in
The billing and collection of the courier charge will be done on a pre-paid basis.

How does the Billing work?

The shipping charges are calculated depending on weight and dimensions as provided by the shipper. In case a discrepancy is found in the physical dimensions or weight, the shipper will be asked to pay the difference amount. Any dispute raised regarding Bills after 7 days of date of the bill will not be entertained.
In case to any discrepancies you can drop a mail to support@zepo.in

What are the charges applied to Returned Shipments?

The shipments that are not delivered are returned to the origin address.
You will be charged for the to and fro shipping charges unless the courier company is willing to reimburse it.
In case of COD undelivered shipments, you will be charged the cash handling charges in addition to the to-and-fro freight charges.


What are Duty Taxes?

Duty taxes include Entry tax and Octroi charges and any other taxes levied by the government. These charges are subject to change without prior notice. The shipper is required to be aware of the applicable State Norms.
The taxes are levied on the product invoice value.
Apart from the Taxes levied by the Government, the courier companies also charge an advancement fee in these states. These are the charged by the courier companies as service charges since they are paying the taxes on behalf of shippers.

API/Plugin Integrations

Can we integrate the API with the pre existing site?

Yes, you can integrate the API's of Zepo Couriers with your pre existing website. We will provide you with the API's on request. The Zepo Couriers API can be integrated on any platform.
The integration has to be done from your end with a developer. Our tech team will provide you with the necessary guidance throughout the integration process.

Do you offer plugins?

Yes, we have readymade plugins for Magento (1.8x & 1.9x) and Shopify at the moment.
For other platforms such as WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop and Magento 2.0x, we offer a plugin which involves 2-3 days of development work. Our tech team will provide you with the necessary guidance throughout the integration process.


What is MSDS?

MSDS is required for shipping liquid and semi solid products.You need to get this certification from the manufacturer of the product.You need to furnish the same for every consignment that carries such products. Liquid and semi solid products cannot be sent via Air and will be sent only through Surface Shipping.

Is it possible to ship perishable goods via Zepo Couriers?

Perishable good can be shipped but should have a minimum shelf life of 45 - 60 days. These shipments containing perishable goods will not be covered under insurance.


Does Zepo provide packaging for shipments?

Zepo does not provide packaging services as of now.

What are ODA/OPA Pincodes?

ODA/OPA are Out of Delivery Area/Out of Pickup Area Pincodes which are not serviceable by the courier companies but can be serviced on a special request.This incurs an extra charge of Rs 1500+ST per shipment.