Create A Unique Brand Identity Customization Services To Reflect Your Brand's Personality On Your Online Store

What is Store Customization?

We now help you modify the look and feel of your entire website to customize it for better conversions. A consistently designed and branded website increases customer engagement.

Cosmetic Changes

Design Changes

Addition/Modification With Custom Codes

Customization Packages

  • Basic
    • Rs2,000
    • Color Changes on Web Elements
    • Font Modifications
    • Size Related Customizations on Store Elements
  • Advanced
    • Rs5,000
    • All Basic Customizations
    • Choice of 10 Advanced customizations from 100+ options
  • Premium
    • Get a Custom Quote
    • Any User interface changes as per requirements

Handcrafted - for Visual Delight

Zepo Stores designed to reflect the unique brand personality.

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