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Automated Online Marketing Tools For Your Business

Automated Advertisement

Get more new customers

We create compelling ads of your products & run it on Facebook, Google & Instagram


Automated User Engagement

Get more sales from existing customers

We engage & retain your customers via personalized email, sms & pop-up campaigns

How does Automated Ads work?

Selects products to advertise Runs ads on multiple channels Gets More Sale Optimizes for profits
An algorithm selects your best selling products & creates ad units. Automated Ads are then run across Facebook, Google, Instagram Relevant Traffic Coming Through Ads convert into Customers. Ads are optimized real-time by our experts to get you the best ROI.

How does Automated User Engagement works?

Define Triggers Define Actions Get Results
Triggers are defined based on your website visitor's behavior Email, SMS & pop-up campaigns are automatically done based on above triggers Your clients get re-engaged & your conversion boosts

Why invest in Zepo's Automated Marketing Tool?

We auto-magically create compelling ads from your product info & run it across the web!

Complete Automation

Get started in just a few clicks. Customize & control via an easy dashboard.

Better Results

Intelligent targeting to the right audience generating more traffic & sales for the money you spend.

Saves Time

Our experts optimize your marketing outreach while you can focus on your businesses.

Pricing Plans

Economical Pricing plans for your Small Medium or Enterprise Business

  • FREE
    with online store
    (Expand plan)
    Rs11,000/month (minimum 3 months)
    • 50k to 100k people targetted
    • 1000 to 2000 clicks (new & returning visitors)
    • Email Marketing - 3000 Credits
    • SMS Marketing - 1000 Credits
    • Browser Notification
    • Popup Notifications
  • Starter
    Rs22,000/month (minimum 3 months)
    • 100k to 200k people targetted
    • 2000 to 4000 clicks (new & returning visitors)
    • Email Marketing - 6000 Credits
    • SMS Marketing - 2000 Credits
    • Browser Notification
    • Popup Notifications
  • Pro
    Rs33,000/month (minimum 3 months)
    • 150k to 300k people targetted
    • 4000+ clicks (new & returning visitors)
    • Email Marketing - 9000 Credits
    • SMS Marketing - 3000 Credits
    • Browser Notification
    • Popup Notifications

* This is just an indicative number as clicks depend on the city, demographics and the strategy that we apply. ST as applicable.


The Automated Advertising module helps businesses reach their revenue targets through targeted advertising.

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