Zepo Marketing FAQ

About Zepo Marketing

What is Zepo Marketing?

Zepo Marketing is your answer to all your problems related due to no or less sales on your store. We run ads for you on various social media platforms and also help in user engagement to increase the conversion ratio for the existing clients

Why choose Zepo Marketing for Ads?

We give you an easy to use dashboard for running ads and have a dedicated team which optimises the campaigns from the targeting perspective for you with lesser involvement from your end. This helps you focus on your business

On which platforms do we run ads?

We run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google*

What is Zepo's User Engagement Tool?

It is an intelligent marketing and personalization solution which helps you capture and utilize communication across multiple channels such as email, push notification and pop ups. It lets you effectively communicate with your existing customers via browser notifications and emails so that customers receive individualized one-to-one messages rather than a generic, automated mass message.
It can track the interaction of your visitors and specifically note audience demographic, conversion triggers and previously made purchases to create a 360 degree customer profile. User profiling makes it possible to create smart audience segments which can then be targeted using custom campaigns via Ads. It helps to increase click rates as well conversions on digital campaigns. Users can create triggered or segmented browser push notifications across web and mobile to stimulate higher conversions and retentions. All of this tools features aim to assist SMBs as well as enterprises achieve higher conversion through multi-channel personalization.

Targeting and Optimization

How do you choose the Target audience?

Depending upon the kind of Business that you have, we choose to target the most reliable target market at a very low spend to check the response. Based on the positive results we keep optimizing the targeting along with the spend for the ads.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that gets your website visitors who convert, back to your site by showing them ads of the products they had searched for.

How does retargeting work?

Users visit your website :They browse a few pages and learn about what you're offering, but leave before converting.They see your retargeting ads as they browse after : Zepo's retargeting campaigns reach users both as they browse the web and as they check the latest Facebook updates.Users return to your website and complete the purchase : Zepo's campaign retargets your users and makes them shop on your website.

Ad Sets & How they work

What are Smart Ads?

Since our Product is based on an Algorithm and website behaviour. Smart ads are those campaigns that get auto-created based on the data received via the website traffic. These are very powerful since they are purely statistics based and target the most relevant audience for your website.

What are Custom Ads?

These are ads that are not created automatically from your websites behavioral data. These are created manually to promote a separate set of products which are not from the pool of most viewed/most purchased. This is similar to creating an ad on the facebook dashboard.

How can we cross-sell using facebook dynamic ads?

While cross-selling to existing customers, one of the biggest challenges for online retailers is knowing what products to advertise and what audience to target. Using Facebook's dynamic product ads, Zepo adds the capability to automatically generate, target and optimize thousands of ads for cross-selling. This is accomplished by using product sets or product categories. Dynamic ads enable advertisers to significantly scale their Facebook cross-selling activities across all devices and more rapidly up-sell existing customers with other products.

Do I get to have a preview before running Ads?


Can I make changes in the ads or only Zepo Team will be able to access it?

You can make changes to all the custom ad campaigns that are running for you. However, since the smart/dynamic ad campaigns are algorithm based, only our team can tweak them a bit. You can change the text of all the campaigns and pause them if required.

Does my Zepo store SKU's get synced with the Ads run on the social platforms?


What kind of ads do you run on Google?

- Text Ads to reach customers when they search for your brand name or product on Google
- Responsive ads that fit just about any ad space available. Plus, responsive ads can show as native ads, which boost your impact by blending into publisher's websites
- Product Listing Ads which is the same as Google's paid shopping ads program, which consists of the Google Shopping data feed, the Google Merchant Center dashboard and the Product Listing Ads campaign section of Google Adwords
- Dynamic remarketing ads to people who have previously visited your website, letting you show previous visitors, ads that contain products and services they viewed on your site.

Budget, Ad Insights and Ad Statistics

How much Budget should I be keeping aside for the campaigns?

With the help of our team you can decide the Budget that allows you to achieve the sales that you expect. Since Marketing requires a lot of effort we suggest you to keep a minimum average monthly budget of INR 15000. Budget for google ads will be custom as they require more time and effort and are usually expensive.

How will I be updated about the progress of the campaign?

You can check the progress of the campaign by logging on to your dashboard that we provide

How much sales will we get if we invest in ads?

No one can guarantee sale on the store. However, the key to getting sales is getting a lot of visitors on the website. We try and get as many visitors on the stores as possible by showing ads to a large audience pool. Most of our clients who have invested the minimum budget for the ads have been able to get around 2-3x returns while some with large budgets have reached as high as 10x revenue as well.

Can you share with us a few clients ads data for whom you have run ads?


How do we get to know that the client has reached the website via the ads?

We install a set of codes (pixel) to your website which helps us to know that the client has reached the website via the ads

Ad Strategy

Do I get a consultation on the status of the website and what needs to be changed before the ads start running?

Yes, Since the look and feel of the website along with its content can have a major impact on the campaign, our team will suggest the necessary changes in order to make your website marketing ready. Only once the website is ready, we start the campaigns for you.

Do you provide a dedicated account manager for us?

Running ads does not require a dedicated account manager as you can see the progress/statistics of the ads on the dashboard. However, you will have a single point of contact if you wish to discuss change of budget or wish to clarify any doubts.

Why the minimum of 3 months?

Sometimes it is very difficult to show results in the very first month since we know very little about the business and response from the website via the ads. Many a times the ads start showing results a month after we initiate them and start performing better over the next couple of months. Also, if you choose to pause the ads at the third month, the drip down effect of the ads will continue to show visitors coming to your store for the next 30-45 days.

Other FAQs

Do you run ads only for Customers who have a store on Zepo or is the solution open for other platforms as well.

We can run ads for any website/platform as long as they can place the custom codes( pixels) that we provide at the correct places in the website.

Can I upgrade or downgrade the plan during the tenure?

Yes. Our team will let you know in case there is a need to upgrade/downgrade the plan whenever required.