One Place To Sell On Every Marketplace In India

Process all orders of multiple marketplaces from a single dashboard. Also reconcile payments & ensure accounting compliance


Why Do the Smartest of Sellers Use Zepo ?

Because they want to focus on selling and not spend time managing. Zepo Marketplaces makes your life easier by letting you handle all your orders in single dashboard from any number of marketplaces you sell on.

Introducing : The Most Advanced Marketplace Reconciliations Dashboard

Selling a product on marketplace is only 50% of the job done. Getting paid right is the other half

Reconciliations History

Past months and financial year reconciliations

Invoice Level Payment Audit

Audit payout, pending payments and deductions on invoices

Pending Returns Tracking

Pending, fraud and damaged returns tracking. Helps check penalties & claim unpaid orders.

Accounting and Compliance

Statutory accounting and tax reports. One-click Tally & Busy integration.

Powerful Integrations

One dashboard connects you to infinite possibilities. Integrations with marketplaces, shipping and fulfillment companies let you focus on your core business.

Courier Integrations

Fulfillment Integrations

Accounting Integrations

Plans & Pricing

Zepo Marketplaces has the perfect subscription plan that lets you manage your inventory and reconcilations with ease.
*Prices starting at Rs 1.2/order

Rs 1.2/Order