Zepo Marketplace FAQ


What are the marketplaces that can be integrated?

Currently there are 17 marketplaces that can be integrated: Flipkart, Amazon.in, Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Myntra, Snapdeal, Voonik, Mr.Voonik, Limeroad, Paytm, Ebay, Shopclues, Jabong.com, Fashionara, Home Shop 18, Vilara & Opencart.

Can I integrate my ecommerce website?

Yes, you can. We support integrations with Zepo, Shopify, Woocommerce, Kartrocket, Magento.

Can I integrate my logistics account?

The tool features the selfship option through which you can update the order details. The tool also comes with a ZEPO Couriers integration which makes it easier for you to ship your orders

How can I go about integrating the marketplaces I am selling on?

Once you have subscribed to our ZEPO Marketing Manager tool, we will take you through a detailed demo of the dashboard and it's offerings. We will also guide you through integrating the marketplaces that you are selling on.

Can accounting softwares be integrated?

Yes. Currently we support Busy and Tally integrations.

Can multiple billing parties be integrated?

Multiple accounts can be created and thereby integrated within the primary account.


Will the inventory get synced across all integrated marketplaces?

Once you have updated the quantity of your SKUs, the same would get synced across the marketplaces that you have integrated.

How long does it take for my SKUs to get imported?

The importing process begins as soon as you add the particular marketplace and activate the listings. The time taken depends on the number of SKUs you have listed across the marketplaces that you have added to the tool.

In how long will the inventory get synced after I have updated it?

The importing process begins as soon as you add the particular marketplace and activate the listings. The time taken depends on the number of SKUs you have listed across the marketplaces that you have added to the tool.

Can the inventory be updated in bulk?

Yes, a CSV file can be downloaded through which you can update your inventory in bulk.

Will I be able to upload my SKUs on marketplaces through the tool?

No. Our tool offers inventory & order management and accounting & reconciliation services. Each marketplace has different sets of criteria to allow SKUs to be listed on them. You would need to list your SKUs on them seperately.
More details on the same are available in the Marketplace Registration and Listing FAQ section below.

Can combo products be created?

Combo products can be created. However, they would be available only on the tool, not on the respective marketplaces.

Am I charged for syncing the inventory?

No, you will not be charged for syncing the inventory

I am selling offline. Can I manage inventory with respect to SKUs that I have sold offline?

If the SKUs that you are selling offline are listed on the marketplaces you have integrated, you will be able to manage your inventory.
If the SKUs are not listed, you can create them in the tool so as to manage your offline inventory as well.
In this case, you will be charged on the basis of your per order cost when an invoice is generated against an SKU that was sold offline, through our POS module.


How is the tax calculated on the orders that I receive?

You would need to set a tax rule (configure the VAT and CST values) that would get applied across the orders that you receive

Can the tax rate be applied on different categories?

You would need to set a tax rule (configure the VAT and CST values) that would get applied across the orders that you receiveYes, the tax rate can be applied on different categories of products as well, provided that the various categories have been defined.

Can I import orders that I have received before I started using the ZEPO Marketplace Manager tool?

Yes, you will be able to import orders that you have received in the past. However, you will be charged on the basis of your per order cost against each past order that has been imported.


Would all the orders received across marketplaces get imported in the tool?

Yes. Post adding the marketplaces you are selling on and syncing the order module, all orders received across multiple marketplaces thereon would get imported in the tool

Will state entry forms be available for download once orders have been processed?

Once you have processed the orders, you would be able to print the shipping labels and the invoice. While printing the shipping labels, the required state entry form will be autogenerated and will be available for print as well; provided you have enabled this setting from the ZMM tool

Are manifests generated through the tool? If yes, can I look at the manifests that I might have created at an earlier date?

Generating the manifest marks the completion of processing an order. Any manifests generated through the tool will be available for viewing and download as well.


What are the plans that are available?

Currently, there are two plans available- With Reconciliation and Without Reconciliation. The commercials for the same are mentioned below

When and how do I get charged?

You will be charged once you have processed the order from the Zepo Marketplace Manager Tool, the amount will be deducted from the credits in your account.

Am I charged for an order that has been returned or cancelled?

No, you will not be charged for returned or cancelled orders.


Will the tool be able to help me with reports with respect to number of orders processed and so on?

Marketplace tool helps you in generating various reports, one of them is sales report. You can anytime generate the sales report from the tool wherein you will have the details of all the orders processed through Zepo marketplace manager tool.

Can we create different invoice sets for different marketplaces?

Yes, you can create different invoice series for the different marketplaces you are selling on for the ongoing fiscal year.

Will I get an overview of my sales trends?

There are various reports that can be generated over the tool, you can anytime view your sales trend, orders trend as well as revenue trends. Also you can download these reports at any given point.


What will the reconciliation module tell me?

Reconciliation module will help you in getting the summary of your payments from different marketplaces, margin report, payment reconciliation and payment aging report.

Is reconciliation provided across all marketplaces?

Yes, reconciliation is provided across all the marketplaces that you can integrate.

Marketplace registration & listing

In which market places do you list ?

Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Voonik, Mr.Voonik, Limeroad, Styletag, Paytm, Ebay, Indiarush, Infibeam,Pepperfry, Shopclues, craftsvilla & Kraftly.
Curated Marketplaces: Jabong, Myntra, Ajio, Abof
**Since these Marketplaces accept sellers after doing their respective due diligence process, they may refuse to have seller's onboard. (Application on seller's risk)

What is the registration process & necessary documents required?

Anyone selling new and genuine products is welcome. In order to start selling, you need to have the following:

  • Basic information about your business.
  • PAN Card (Personal PAN for business type "Proprietorship" and Personal + Business PAN for business type as "Company")
  • VAT/TIN Number (not mandatory for books)
  • Bank account and supporting KYC documents (Address Proof, and Cancelled cheque)
  • ID & address proof.
  • Trademark certificate or brand authorization letter in case of resellers.
  • There will be few additions documents required depending on the category & products.
** Please note that currently it is mandatory to have ISBN/ bar codes to list on Amazon. If you are a manufacturer or do not have these, you can request for an exception by contacting seller support through your Seller Central account. Some product categories might require additional information to list your products.
** Minimum of 10 unique products to get started with flipkart

How can i take the product images, is there any specific guidelines?

Product images are the bedrock of e-commerce sales. Marketplaces have very strict guidelines about product images in each category and they keep changing.

I do not have a TIN/VAT, can I still register as a seller with only PAN?

You can register as a seller with only PAN, but you will be eligible to sell only books. If you want to sell any other product, you will mandatorily require a VAT/TIN.

In how many days the listings and registration process gets completed?

Time may vary depending on the marketplaces you choose, but it may take around 15-20 days for the listings to go live on the marketplaces.

How does Zepo help?

Zepo can help to open your accounts on multiple marketplaces like Amazon, Snapdeal, flipkart etc. as per your requirement.
Prepare product master catalogue as per bare minimum mandatory fields and photographs shared by you. Send master catalogue for approval to you. Convert master into catalogue formats of various marketplaces.
Run quality check on Product Catalogue (Photos & Content) to avoid Marketplace rejection.
Upload and maintain your product listings on Marketplaces - One time and On-going.

Commission charged by marketplaces?

Every marketplace has its own commision structure depending on the category you wish to sell, you can check the commission structure on their websites.

How do i take care of logistics services?

Most of the marketplaces will handle shipping of your products. All you need to do is pack the product and keep it ready for dispatch. Their logistics partner will pick up the product from you and deliver it to the customer.
In few cases where the logistics is not covered you can go with Zepo Couriers.