3 Simple Steps To Earn With ZEPO

Hop in, if you are a...

Web Developer

  • ✔ Don't want to get into the hassles of creating an online store for your clients?
  • ✔ Are you time restricted and need readymade solutions to offer?
  • You're at the right place! Refer them to Zepo and you're sorted with an added income.


  • ✔ Looking for an affiliate program with great conversions & high returns?
  • ✔ Are your target audiences interested in e-commerce?
  • Bang on! You have found yourself a good way to capitalize on the surge of traffic on your blog!

E-commerce Consultant

  • ✔ Want to refer a good hosted e-commerce solution to your network?
  • ✔ Would like to make serious money for your references?
  • Ahan! You just found a perfect partner to do business with!


  • ✔ Pocket money falling short?
  • ✔ Know people who have their own business and are selling wonderful stuff?
  • Look no further. Help them create an online store with Zepo and earn some good money.

The benefits of becoming a Zepo Partner


    • Revenue Share
    • Earning per lead
    • Online marketing resources
    • Dashboard Access
    • Minimum Checkout
    • Payout
    • Policy for withdrawal
    • Full Fledged Training
    • Zepo Partner Kit
    • - Zepo brochures
    • - Zepo Visiting Cards
    • - Flex banners
    • - Tutorial CD
    • - Zepo T-shirt
    • - Email Id (you@zepopartner.com)
    • - Free SMS for marketing campaign
    • - Email Marketing Support
  • Zepo Partner

    • Revenue Share - Upto 50%
    • Earning per lead - Upto Rs 100
    • Online marketing resources - Yes
    • Dashboard Access - Yes
    • Minimum Checkout - NIL
    • Payout - Instant
    • Policy for withdrawal - Instant
    • Full Fledged Training - Yes
    • Zepo Partner Kit - Free
    • Zepo brochures - 1000
    • Zepo Visiting Cards - 1000
    • Flex banners - 6
    • Tutorial CD - Yes
    • Zepo T-shirt - 3
    • Email Id (you@zepopartner.com) - 3
    • Free SMS for marketing campaign - 50000
    • Email Marketing Support - 200000

More Questions on your Mind? Read our FAQs

What is this Partner Program?

The Partner Program is our official Affiliate Program. Anyone interested can sign up for the program and earn some serious money by referring people to Zepo, on a revenue sharing basis for a lifetime.

How does this affiliate program work?

You can simply sign up as our Partner right away & start referring your network to Zepo. We will give you special links and promotional banners that will help you, as well as us, to keep a track of all referrals coming in through you. You can use these banners & links on your blog or anywhere else that you want to share them. Anyone who signs up on Zepo via you and purchases a subscription is considered as your referral.
We will also provide you with a real time dashboard wherein you can submit and track the progress of your referrals. If and when, any of your submitted leads signs up on Zepo, you will be duly informed and paid for the same.

Why should I refer my client to you?

We are working towards simplifying e-commerce for every small business in India. And we want to see all brands in India using e-commerce beneficially. To make sure this happens, we offer some unique value added services with Zepo:

  1. 24/7 customer support to answer your queries even at midnight
  2. More than 100 beautiful themes to design an online store in 5 minutes.
  3. Free payment gateway at just 3% TDR.
  4. Complete Logistics support at special rates for all our store owners.
  5. Great marketing help to promote their online stores.
  6. Tonnes of great features to grow an eCommerce business.
  7. Liberty to setup online stores on their own custom domain.
  8. Mobile and tablet friendly online stores for our customers.
  9. Add-ons like Mobile apps and Facebook Stores for our customers.

What are the kinds of businesses I can approach?

You can approach anyone who is in the business of manufacturing, designing, trading or retailing of products.

To give you a few example businesses, to help you get a better idea:

  1. Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Handicraft
  2. Chocolates, Baby Care products, Book Stores
  3. Gifts and Florists, Mobiles, Computer Accessories
  4. Consumer Goods, Electronics, Fitness Equipment, Sports Equipment

Take a look at some of the different types of stores running on Zepo here.

What is required of me to become a successful Zepo Partner?

There isn't a lot of effort to be put in from your side. You can go ahead and explore Zepo at your will to better understand the features, pricing plans and offerings. If you wish, you can also study the business model of Zepo to get a more in-depth understanding of how we work. All you need is determination and a passion to work towards a common goal and some dedicated time towards the program to give you better returns.

How does Zepo pay me?

Your commissions will be credited to your through anyone of your preferred mode of transaction - NEFT transactions, Cheques or PayPal. Your choice of payment transfer will be asked for you on your Affiliate Program dashboard.

Your commission will be paid to you in T+2 days i.e. 2 days after the payment from client's side. To know more about the cashout criteria, refer to the comparison of the different Partner Modules above.

Who will raise the invoice for client?

You don't have to get involved in the hassle of charging, collecting or depositing service tax. The collection of payment will be taken care by us, and we will raise the invoice for your client.

Is there a restriction on the area/city that I can work in? Do I need an office or employees?

There are no strict restrictions on your work conditions. You can be located anywhere and you don't need to have an office. With regard to the number of employees, the more the merrier - more members in your team would help you increase your returns.

What kind of support can Zepo provide with to help me generate more business?

We provide you support in the form of online training demos, training manuals, promotional material if you wish to promote offline as well, sales tools and business presentations. Above all that, you'll also have access to a dashboard which will help you keep track of your business (i.e. your referrals), in real-time.