Zepo Ecommerce FAQ

General Questions

What are some of the basic features of a Zepo Store?

Zepo helps with an end to end solution for selling online. Below are the basic features:

  1. Webstore
  2. Payment Gateway
  3. Integrated Logistics
  4. Automated Marketing Module
  5. Store Customization and Design Services
  6. Integrated Marketplace Management

What does a DIY website mean?

Zepo is meant to be a DIY - Do it yourself platform. You will have full access to the admin panel from where you can

  1. Upload/Edit products
  2. Upload banners
  3. Manage stock and orders
  4. Schedule Shipments

I have no technical knowledge, can I still start my own webstore?

You do not need any technical knowledge to start your web store with Zepo. Our support team is here to help you setup and manage your store throughout your subscription with us.

Is there unlimited bandwidth and space available for my webstore?

Yes, the bandwidth & space is unlimited.

Business Registration

Do I need to have a registered company to sell from my own website?

No, you can set up your website and sell online even as an unregistered company.

Do I need to have a current account to start selling on my own website?

No, that isn't necessary. You can start accepting payments even with a savings account.

Domain & Hosting

Do I have to purchase my own hosting space?

No, you don't have to purchase any hosting separately. Zepo is hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Servers) and hosting is provided free of charge, as part of all subscription plans.

I have already purchased my own Domain name, can I use that?

Yes, once you start your subscription with us, we link your domain name to your zepo account.

How do we link a domain to my Zepo store?

You can either choose to do domain linking yourself by following these Steps or you can call our support line and one of our support team members can assist you with the same.

How much time does it take for me to link the domain to my Zepo powered store?

Once the domain linking is done using the steps mentioned above, it takes upto 48 hours for the changes to reflect.

I have purchased a hosting package with a different provider already. Can I use that to host my Zepo powered store?

No, that cannot be used. All stores on Zepo should be hosted on our servers with AWS alone.

Designing my store

How many themes do you have? Are these customisable?

We have over 200+ beautiful themes that you can choose for your store. All of these are customizable to suit your brand requirements.

Are your themes mobile optimised?

Yes, all our themes are mobile optimised.

Can we do our own customizations? Can we have access to the source code ?

Zepo allows you to make changes to the look and feel of your website via JS and HTML coding. The admin panel allows you to enter custom code to enable such changes. You can either write the code yourself or speak to our customization team who can take up feature and customization requests at an additional cost. We do not release the source code for your store under any circumstances.

What sort of customisation services do you provide? Can you give more details about the same?

Yes, Zepo provides Theme Customization Service for your online store. Click Here to get more details of the types of customizations and the commercials.

What are the timelines for the customisation to be done on a store?

The timeline for each customization depends on the amount of coding that needs to be done. You can understand more about our store customization services here.

Managing my store

Stock Management

How many products can I upload on my store?

There is no limit on the no of products that you can upload on your Zepo Store.

How many images can each product have?

You can have unlimited number of images per product.

Do you have an option to bulk upload products from the dashboard?

To upload multiple products in one go, you can use the bulk upload option. You can access the same on stock - upload new product - bulk upload. The bulk upload is done using a .xls sheet that you can download from the dashboard.

Is there an option to download my stock data?

You can download the stock data by going to manage tab, stock and clicking on the download button on the top right. The stock data shall be mailed to your registered email ID immediately. It shall be available in the .xls format.

How many categories and subcategories can I have on my store?

There are no restrictions as to the number of categories and subcategories possible. You can add unlimited categories and subcategories on your website.

Is there a possibility to have multi-level categories on my store?

The category level is limited to two levels. You can have categories and subcategories within them, the filter option can be used for further classification within the subcategories.

Order Management

What are the different notifications I get after I receive an order?

At the time of receiving an order you shall receive an email and SMS notifying you about the new order.

What are the notifications that my customer would receive after a successful order?

Your customers shall receive an email and SMS notification on placing a successful order. The automatic email shall contain the invoice for the purchase that they made. You can customize the email content to suit your needs.

Can I customise the notification emails and SMSes that are sent to my customers?

The emails that are sent out to your customers can very well be customised, but the SMSes cannot be customised.

Do you also record abandoned orders on my store?

Yes, the details of all the abandoned orders on your store are recorded. The same can be viewed from the orders section of your store dashboard.

Is there a possibility to have an enquiry-only order?

Yes, it is very much possible to have an enquiry-only order.

Content Management

How many site pages can be created?

You can create as many site pages as you want for your webstore on Zepo.

Is there a section where I can highlight my news features, etc about my brand?

Yes you can create a site page to feature news etc.

Do you provide help in designing banners, posters etc?

Yes, we do have Graphics design packages which include high quality Banner, Logo design and a host of other services at extremely affordable prices. You can learn more about our Graphic Design services here.

Shipping and Delivery

How does Zepo help us with Logistics ?

Your Zepo store will be integrated with Zepo couriers - which is our couriers aggregation platform. You can schedule a shipment right from your orders dashboard at the click of a button. Once you schedule the shipment, the pickup boy from that particular courier company will pick up your parcel and the delivery process starts.

How many postcodes do you cover?

Zepo couriers covers 11000+ postcodes pan India.

Who are your courier partners ?

FedEx, Aramex, Delhivery, DotZot and Blue Dart for pan India & DHL & Aramex for International shipments.

Do you provide COD facility as well ?

Yes, we support COD shipments PAN India.

Can I charge extra for COD orders?

Yes, you can charge an extra amount for COD orders from your customers.

Can I use Zepo Couriers to ship globally?

Yes, you can use Zepo Couriers to ship your products across the globe. Our partners DHL and Aramex will assist you with the same.

Can I set shipping cost as zero on a minimum order value?

Yes, this can be set from your store dashboard.

Can I have weight based shipping for my products?

Yes, there is an option to have weight based shipping for your products.

Can I restrict shipping of my products to specific areas?

Yes, you can restrict the shipping of your products to a specific set of areas.

What do you mean by automated shipping, and how is it helpful for me?

Automated shipping lets you schedule shipment right from your orders tab in the admin panel. It pickups up address and parcel data automatically and lets you schedule shipment at the click of a button. You do not have to login into any other dashboard for the same.

Do you provide packaging assistance?

No, we do not provide packaging assistance.

Can I have multiple pickup locations?

Yes, Zepo Couriers supports multiple pickup locations in all plans starting from Professional

Do you assist in reverse pickups?

Yes, reverse pickup with us exactly like the forward pickup. You can schedule a pickup and email your customer the Invoice and Label that have been generated by the system. They need to print them and keep them ready at the time of pickup.

How does the COD remittance work?

For all the shipments that are delivered between 1st and 15th of a particular month, the remittance reports will be shared by the 30th of the same month. For all the shipments that are delivered between 16th and 30th/31st of a particular month, the remittance reports will be shared by the 15th of the following month. The amount will be remitted to your bank account in 3-4 working days. Any dispute raised regarding COD after 60 days of delivery date of the shipment will not be entertained. In case to any discrepancies you can sent an email to support@zepo.in

Is it mandatory to use Zepo Couriers to process all my orders?

You can either dispatch the order through Zepo Couriers or use your own logistics provider (eg: India Post). The dashboard allows you to add the name of the courier, Airway Bill number and dispatch date so that the customer will be notified through the automatic SMS and e-mail

For more details about Zepo Couriers, please check here.

Payment Gateway

What is a Payment Gateway?

A Payment gateway helps accept and validate internet payments via Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and wallets.

What documents are required for registration process?

For registered businesses -

  1. One Business Proof (Certificate of Incorporation, Partnership deed, service tax, VAT Registration Document)
  2. Firm/Company PAN (Not for Proprietorship)
  3. Promoter's PAN (Proprietor/director)
  4. cancelled cheque of current account.
For unregistered businesses - Address proof, PAN card and cancelled cheque of savings account.

Is it mandatory that the company registration is done in India?


I haven't registered a company yet. Can I have payment gateway?

Yes, you can apply for a payment gateway account even if your company isn't registered. In this case, your savings account will be linked to the payment gateway account.

What are the payment gateway options with Zepo?

CCAvenue, Payu Biz, PayU Money, Citrus Pay, PayTM, Direc Pay, EBS

How much is the set-up cost of a payment gateway?

In case of some payment gateways, Zepo clients have been waived off the set up fee and first year's Annual Maintenance Charges for the payment gateway. The second year AMC is approximately Rs 2400 + service taxes. In case of some other payment gateways, no AMC charges are levied ever for Zepo Clients.

How much is the set-up cost of a payment gateway?

In case of some payment gateways, Zepo clients have been waived off the set up fee and first year's Annual Maintenance Charges for the payment gateway. The second year AMC is approximately Rs 2400 + service taxes. In case of some other payment gateways, no AMC charges are levied ever for Zepo Clients.

How do I collect international payments?

Paypal can be used for international payments. One can also opt for CCAvenue, Payu Biz, EBS for international payment gateway, however your business has to be registered.

When is the money transferred to the account?

The timeline differs from payment gateway to payment gateway, however, it usually gets transferred within T+3 days

I have a savings account, can I apply for Payment Gateway?

Yes, there are Payment Gateway companies that provide PG solutions to both individual as well as registered businesses.

What are the different modes of payment available for my customers?

UPI, Wallets (Freecharge, JioMoney, OlaMoney etc.), All Debit Cards, All Credit Cards, and NetBanking of 28 major banks. This also differs from Payment Gateway provider to Payment Gateway provider

In how many days will the payment gateway go live on the website?

In 5-8 working days

Other Store Features

Can we sell Internationally with Zepo ?

Yes. We provide features such as ip-based currency, international shipping services and Paypal integration as e-commerce services to help you cater to your international customers.

Would SEO be done for my store or do I need to have an SEO expert?

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the store is done automatically by our system. The SEO is for multiple levels - store, categories, subcategories, product etc. In case you wish to override the automated SEO, you can easily do so.

Can customers create accounts on my website and view their past orders?

The customer can create an account on your website so as to ensure easier future purchase

If I wish to close my store, can I download all the data?

You can download all data such as customer data, stock data, inventory data, logistics data etc. The data would be available to you in an .xls format

Does Zepo help me to create mobile apps for my brand?

Yes, we create Android and Ios apps for your brand. They are a part of your subscription if you choose professional plan and above. You can choose them as add ons as part of any other plan for Rs 2000 per month per platform.

Can my customers use facebook and/or google accounts to login?

Yes, they can.

Can I download my customer data?

Yes, you can download your order and customer data in the form of an Excel sheet from your admin panel.

Is there an app that I can use to manage my stock and orders?

Yes, Zepo has an Android app called the Zepo Seller App which lets you manage stock and orders on the go. You can download it from the Google Play Store and start using it in your trial period as well.

What do you mean by a facebook store? Is this available on all plans?

Facebook lets you showcase products on your own brand's Facebook page. This helps you reach to wider audiences. Zepo provides you with an integrated Facebook store which pulls all the data from your store and displays the same on Facebook. This means you don't have to manually upload or manage products and orders. This feature is available in all our subscription plans, professional onwards.

What is the uptime guarantee?

Yes, Zepo guarantees a 99% uptime. If there are any planned outages, the store owners are notified of the same in advance.

Can I build a marketplace using Zepo ?

No, our platform is based on a single vendor model. We do not provide multivendor logins on the platform for a marketplace model.

Promoting My Store

Can I create discount coupons or voucher codes on my store?

Yes, you can create custom discount coupons from the admin panel.

Is there any option to create multiple discount coupons at one go?

Yes, this is very much possible. The same can be done from your store dashboard>Promote Section>Discount Coupons.

How does Zepo help me with the Marketing of my Webstore?

Our websites are SEO rich and we provide marketing features such as email , sms and social media marketing as well as an automated user engagement tool and running paid ads on FB and Google, as a part of our ecommerce packages. In case you wish to do advanced digital marketing for your website , we have number of packages that you can select from as well. You can understand know more about Zepo's automated ads, here.

What is Automated User Engagement?

Our automated user engagement tool helps you get more sales from your existing customers. We engage & retain customers on your website via personalized email, sms & pop-up campaigns.

What is one click social media marketing?

Our platform allows you and your customers to share products on facebook, twitter etc thereby helping you to promote them on social media, all , just at the click of a button.

What is ZEPO Automated Marketing?

ZEPO Automated Marketing is your answer to all your problems related due to no or less sales on your store. We run ads for you on various social media platforms and also help in user engagement to increase the conversion ratio for the existing clients

On which platforms do we run ads?

We run ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google*

Why choose ZEPO for Ads?

We give you an easy to use dashboard for running ads and have a dedicated team which optimises the campaigns from the targeting perspective for you with lesser involvement from your end. This helps you focus on your business, click here for Marketing FAQs.


What is the average time required for a website to go live?

Once you sign up with Zepo, we start with the onboarding procedure which includes a detailed walkthrough of the dashboard, website design(if you have taken up paid customization), Payment gateway integration and activation of courier account. The entire process takes approximately 3-4 weeks, after which your store goes live.

Is it possible to go live within a week ?

We can have your payment gateway and couriers account activated within 2 working days. The domain can be linked as soon as you start your subscription. This leaves you with only product upload and website design if any which can be done as per your convenience.


What is included in the 30 day onboarding assistance?

Post signup, you will get a 30 day onboarding assistance from our specialised team. They help you setup your store, link your payment gateway and logistics. The first 30 days are all about setting up your store by adding products, product descriptions, designing the store etc. You will get acquainted with a host of third party features which you can activate to enhance the features of your store such as Chat, discount coupon engine etc. If you have opted for paid customization, that too will start during this period. Our team of dedicated onboarding managers who provide you on-call and email support are here to ensure your store is fully functional before you launch.

What are the timings of your support team?

Our support team works from Monday through Friday from 10:00am to 7:00pm and Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm. You can reach out on our support number : 8860402407 or drop a mail to support@zepo.in to get in touch with them.


Do you take any commission from sales?

No, we do not charge any commission from sales.. We work on subscription model, details of which can be seen on our pricing page.

Are there any hidden charges other than the ones mentioned on your pricing page ?

No, we do not have any hidden charges whatsoever. All incurring costs will be mentioned to you at the point of sale which include

  1. Subscription fees for the store
  2. Rs 2000 refundable logistics deposit
  3. Customization cost - If applicable

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are approved on a case-to-case basis and only if there is an unresolvable issue from our end. The refund shall be processed as following if the request is made - Within 30 days of payment, 50% would be deducted and rest would be returned. After 30 days of payment, no refund requests would be entertained.

How secure is the data and all the transactions that happen on my website ?

All the data exchange that happens on your website are completely secure. We provide SSL certificate and integration as a part of our pricing plans. Apart from this, all the transactions that happen through the payment gateways are encrypted and completely secure.

What if we want to upgrade halfway through my subscription ?

You can upgrade to a higher plan at any point of your subscription period. In that case we just charge the difference amount and activate your website on the plan that you choose to upgrade to.

Can we recover all the data if we wish to switch platforms?

Yes, absolutely. Your entire data is recoverable , should you wish to switch to other platforms. You can download your stock data, your orders data & your customer data anytime yourselves from the Zepo Dashboard