Fingerlickin' Good Features!

The most awesome features that include everything you need to sell online

Email Notifications

Alert customers about all important activity on the store! Automated email notifications sent upon confirmation of order to order dispatched or a cancelled order.

Integrated Social Media

Make your online store a social hub. With inbuilt social sharing options from F-Like to Tweet to Pin-it buttons, make social sharing easy and fun.

Easy Navigation

Let customers quickly find what they are looking for. Classify your products into product categories and sub-categories. Or let them quick search their needs.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Make them feel right at home! Customers can create their own accounts or sign in with their FB account to check up on their order history and other account information.

Showcase your Products

Grab those eyeballs by creating your own in-store display window. Select your new or best-selling products and prominently feature right on your homepage.

Advanced Sort & Search

Help customers find what you're looking for? Let your customer quickly search for the product they need. Or let them sort products by price, discount or product category.

Simple Checkout Process

Hassle-free online shopping. Customers can complete purhase quickly with a 4-click checkout process. Better still, let customers do a guest checkout, without entering passwords.

Talk about your Company

Have an interesting back-story about how you started your brand? Create n- number of static pages, like About Us or Contact Us & let your customers better connect with your brand.

Interact with Customers

Add that humane touch to your online store. With an array of intelligent aaps, live chat with your customers, provide help and support or gather feedback, all in real-time.

Shopper Savings

Plan to run the holiday-special promotional sale? Easily create discount coupons and codes right from your dashboard with the efficient discount coupon functionality.

Detailed Product Images

A picture is worth a thousand words! Highlighted product images with zoom-in enabled for your customer to check out even those minute product details.

Secure Shopping

Online security a major concern? Rest assured. All online transactions are SSL secure.

SEO Optimized

Potential customers should be able to find you through search engines. Search engine optimize your store from product page URLs to image ALT tags. It's all under your control.

Enable/Disable Products

Want to discontinue selling a particular product? Don't delete it. Just temporarily disable that products from being visible on your store.

Font Customization

Funky or vintage? Apart from the layout, also choose from 20 different font options and have have complete control over the text on your store.

Click to Enlarge

Do justice to your amazing products. Let customers click-to-enlarge product images and get a better feel of the product they'd be buying.

Guest Checkout

Make online shopping easier. Improve your conversion rates by allowing a customer to do a guest checkout, without even having to enter a password.

Customizable Email Notifications

Choose how you talk to your customers. Customize content of all automated email notifications sent to customer, be it order confirmation or dispatch.

Manage your Inventory

Effortlessly manage your online store inventory. Set available quantity for each product and the item will automatically go out-of-stock upon reaching the capped quantity.

Store Performance

With integrated Google Analytics and e-Commerce Tracking, easily evaluate and analyse your online store's performance.

Know Your Customers

View customer data by location, number of customer visits, average amount per sale, total orders and more.

Order Management

Organized and tabbed view of all orders - received, dispatched, delivered and incomplete. Also, quickly change order status with just a single click.

Store-front Customization

Mark your territory. Add your branding to your online store too. Include your brand's logo on the home page alongwith displaying beautiful custom banners.

Customize Payment Options

Not planning to offer COD? Then, allow online payments or cash-before-delivery. Whatever your requirement, select from a wide variety of online and offline payment options.

Give all Brand Information

Write a blog or have your own size guide? Provide all additional content related to your store; from blog link to contact details, through unlimited number of static pages.

Promotional Discounts

Having a seasonal sale? Create single or multiple discount coupons for all your sales. Also, restrict discount coupons from being applicable on pre-discounted items.

Temporarily Disable Products

Temporarily disable out-of-stock products from being visible on your store, without having to delete them. Enable them when they are back in stock .

Restrict COD to Specific Pincodes

Want to extend the COD facility only in a particular city or cities? Specific the exact pincodes for which you want to offer Cash-on-Delivery service right on your dashboard.

eCommerce Tracking

Get detailed analytics about your store like which products sell most, in what quantity and the revenue generated by each right on your Google Analytics dashboard.

Google Webmasters

Improve your store's search engine ratings and let your customers find you easily. Link your online store to the Google Webmasters A/C for great insights about your store.

Pinterest and G+ Social Buttons

Not just Facebook and Twitter. Expand your brand's social quotient by adding the Pinterest and Google+ social buttons to the footer on your online store.

SiteMap Submission Tool

Make your online store more SEO friendly by uploading your sitemap.xml file. So that your new products and site changes show up quickly on search engines.

Restricted Domestic Shipping

Don't want to cater to the whole of India? Easy way out. Choose the states and cities you'd like to ship your products to.

Download Customer & Stock Data

Keep all your information handy. Easily maintain an offline database by downloading your order, customer and stock data in an Excel format.

Seamless Customer Support

Got questions for us? We are listening, Support over live chat,phone or email from our dedicated Zepo Support team

Logistics Support

Don't let logistics burn a hole in your pockets! Save on your product delivery costs with Zepo's logistics support, brought to you at specially subsidized rates.

Lifetime Free Updates

Never fear missing out on a new feature or a platform upgrade. Because all future upgrades and online store features shall be made available to you, at no additional cost.

Stay Informed

Now you're part of the Zepo family! We'll always personally get in touch with you to keep you updated about new features as they are released.

Mobile Layouts

Your stores are going to look equally awesome on mobile devices! Layout 5 brings to you a gorgeous array of themes, which are supported by mobile devices as well.

Hide the Price for Enquiry only Products

Are you selling wholesale products and do not want to disclose the price? List your products without disclosing the price for Enquiry Only products.

Schedule and Send Marketing Emails

Email marketing is the cheapest way of customer acquisition! Choose between scheduling marketing newsletters monthly, fortnightly, weekly or just once to go out right rom your Zepo dashboard.

Customized Email Notifications

Choose how you talk to your customers. Customize content of all automated email notifications sent to customer, be it order confirmation or dispatch.

Gift Wrap Option at Checkout

Have your customers been asking you to gift wrap their products? You can now allow the free gift-wrap option to your customers, during checkout.

Custom Delivery Date & Time Check Out

Your customer wants a product delivered on 21st Aug & at 12 in the night? Let your customer choose a delivery date and time of his choice during checkout.

Quick Add to Cart Option

Create the most seamless shopping experience for your customer! Let customers directly add their choice products to cart right from the homepage or catalogue page.

Weight-Based Shipping

Shipping heavier products costing you more? Enter exact weight of your products and define shipping rates for each weight bracket to ensure that you charge optimum shipping rates.

Order-Based Shipping

Simplify your shipping costs. Specify a standard shipping rate for each order, irrespective of the number of products, say Rs. 50 flat shipping charge on every order under Rs. 500.

Country-based International Shipping

Do you ship your products only to a handful of countries? Go a step further & define shipping rates for every individual country instead of, for the entire region.

Limit COD to Particular Products

Extending COD on lower-margin products costing you a bomb? Mark all the products for which you would not like to allow COD service, at one go.

Restrict Discount Coupons

Running a sale & don't want discount coupons to be valid on certain low-margin products. Restrict discount coupons from being levied on those very products.

SEO Optimiztion at Product Level

Make each product more discoverable. Search engine optimize each and every product by adding Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Image ALT Tags and much more.

Enquiry Only Product

Don't want your customers to buy the product just yet? Let your customer enquire about the product before purchasing, with the "Enquiry Only" button instead of the "Buy Now" button.

Highlight Important Product Information

Highlight important points in the product description, like warranty period or best before date, to display prominently to your customers.

Email Notification on Incomplete Orders

Keep track of all incomplete orders. Receive notifications for every incomplete order on your store. So that it's easier for you to follow up and complete the purchase.

Sort & Filter Orders

Need a recent list of all COD orders to ship them out today? Quick sort your orders by date and filter by payment method right from your dashboard.

Download Order Data

Need information of all received orders within this week? Download your order data according to your time requirements in a simple Excel format.

Print Invoices

Now you can choose to edit your invoices and print them, straight from the order module itself. Also find the option to save it as a document.

Change the Display Order of Products

Easily re-order to display your best selling products at the top on your product category pages. Just drag and move the product to the desired position and click 'Save'.

Download Stock Data

You can now download your entire stock data under a particular product category or categories, with just one-click.

Sort & Filter Stock Data

Quick sort your products by quantity in stock, quantity sold or by the price of your products. Also filter your stock by product category or status.

Bulk-Edit Products

Quickly edit a whole bunch of your products without having to do it individually for every product. Change product category, restrict COD option and much more with this feature.

Share Purchases for Social Rewards

Icebreaker for User Engagement

Live Chat with Customers

Online Payment Gateway

Comments & Reviews for your Store

Online Payment Gateway

Online Payment Gateway

Social Reviews for your Store

Notifications for Imp Announcements

Rewards for Referring Friends

Instant Discount Coupons & Offers

Real Time Insights & Analytics

Collect Email Database of Visitors

Collect Email Database of Visitors

Social Media Sharing for Products

PG for International Shipments

Online Payment Gateway

PG for Unregistered Businesses

Viral Marketing Platform

On-Site Customer Feedback

Dashboard Tracking For Shipments

Convert Window Shoppers to Customers